Awards & Honors

Both TAPPI and its divisions recognize member achievement in several ways. Click the links below to explore present and past winners of TAPPI’s various awards and honors.

For more information about TAPPI awards, please refer to the Honors Manual.

Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal
The TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal is given to an individual or individuals who have made preeminent scientific and engineering achievements of proven applied benefit to the world’s pulp, paper, board, and forest products industries and the other industries that TAPPI serves.

Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award
The TAPPI Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize an individual for voluntary leadership and service which have significantly and demonstrably contributed to the advancement of the Association.

TAPPI Fellows
TAPPI Fellow is an honorary title bestowed upon a small percentage of TAPPI’s membership, and is given to individuals who have made extraordinary technical or service contributions to the industry and/or the Association.

Technical Division Honors
TAPPI divisions may grant Division Awards to an individual in recognition of outstanding accomplishments or contributions to the industry’s technology or to the Association.

PIMA – TAPPI’s Management Division
PIMA presents several awards each year to honor accomplishments by executives, managers, superintendent, and technologists, as well as service to PIMA.

Local Section Honors
The Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding TAPPI Local Section Member Award is given to an individual in recognition of outstanding leadership and exceptional service to one or more Local Sections and which have resulted in significant and demonstrable benefits to Local Section members. Local Sections may also present Certificates of Recognition and Certificates of Outstanding Merit.

50 and 75 Year Anniversaries
TAPPI thanks the companies and individual members who have maintained TAPPI membership for at least 50 years.

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