Ideas for Community Outreach

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  • If you have school-age children, or have friends or relatives who do, you may wish to call their teachers directly to arrange a classroom presentation. Remember, you are not perceived as a salesperson! Your expertise is valuable to teachers, and they will appreciate your call.
  • Call the schools in your area and ask for names of science/math coordinators. Then call the teachers or coordinators to arrange a classroom visit. You may wish to send a letter first, but remember to follow up with a call a few days later.
  • Call your local school(s) to find out when they plan to hold a career day, science fair, or other activity in which you may participate. Contact the teacher or PTA member who coordinates it and volunteer to participate. Schools welcome involvement from local businesses and universities.
  • Find out if your company is a sponsor of the adopt-a-school program. (Your public or community relations department will know.) If so, you may work directly with your designated adopt-a-school coordinator to schedule a visit.
  • Check with your local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Campfire Girls, and Bluebirds organizations to arrange a visit to a meeting. Boy Scouts have a merit badge for papermaking, and would welcome a visit from an industry representative.
  • There may be science, math, or other school clubs that are interested in hosting a visit. Some public libraries sponsor presentations during the year.
  • If you work at a paper mill, or if there is one nearby, try to arrange student tours. It’s particularly interesting for students to make paper by hand and then compare hand papermaking to the manufacturing process. List your company in our free Field Trips Directory.
  • Make sure your local schools have a paper recycling program. If not, volunteer to help them set one up.
  • Be sure to ask for paper, not plastic, bags at the grocery store!
  • Donate TAPPI CDs, videos, and other outreach materials to your local schools and libraries.
  • Donate Paper Slicks! to your local school’s newsletter editor for inclusion in Arbor Day, Earth Day, and America Recycles Day publications.

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