All About Paper

Packaging that gives back.

Paper-based packages, containers, sacks and bags are part of our everyday lives, so it can be easy to forget what makes them unique. Unlike other packaging options, paper-based packages are made from trees, a completely renewable source. They are also the most recovered packages for recycling, making them a sustainable, responsible choice throughout their life cycle. The paper-based packaging industry has joined together to provide businesses and the public with the facts about The Responsible Package. Check out these helpful resources about paper-based packaging that can help you make a sustainable packaging decision.

Paper is a highly-engineered product that is part of almost everything we use: food containers, books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, notebooks, facial tissue, paper towels, paper plates, sticky notes and computer paper. Take a look around you – paper is a part of our lives.

Most paper is made from wood cellulose, the most abundant chemical on plant earth. Cellulose is renewable, reusable, and sustainable. Cellulose-based products show up in unexpected places: toothpaste, cough syrup, Vitamins A and E, makeup, cologne, shampoo, food packaging, furniture, concrete blocks, football helmets, photographic film, and even ice cream.

Paper is an important part of our future, and our society will need scientists and engineers that are trained to develop the full potential of paper and cellulose based products. A new generation of paper scientists will create new uses for paper, develop new nanocellulose and hemicellulose based materials, discover better genetics for renewing our forests, improve manufacturing processes, and harness the possibilities inherent in the chemistry of cellulose.

Why Paper?
DOMTAR has created to highlight the key role paper plays in our lives and the reasons why it’s an environmentally sound choice.

Paper the Video by TAPPI

How is Paper Made?

If you’ve ever wondered how fine printing and writing papers are made, we invite you to take a twenty-minute journey with us through two of Glatfelter’s fully integrated pulp and paper mills.

Paper as Art

Amazing Origami by Robert J. Lang

Fantastic Paper Cuts by Peter Callesen

Thinking outside the box – the corrugated works of Chris Gilmour

The History of Paper

The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum is an internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology.

Paper as a Career

5 Reasons to be a Paper Engineer