Forming handsheets for physical tests of pulp, Test Method T 205 sp-12

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This procedure describes a method of forming test handsheets at an oven dry weight of 60 g/m2 for determining the physical properties of pulp for both unrefined and refined pulps. Appendix B describes a modified procedure for making heavier weight sheets for pulps intended for use in paperboard manufacture.

The procedures for measuring the physical properties are described in TAPPI T 220 “Physical Testing of Pulp Handsheets.”

The procedure for forming handsheets for determining the optical properties of pulp is described in TAPPI T 218 “Forming Handsheets for Reflectance Tests of Pulp.”

A method for measuring the drainage time and drainage factor of pulp is described in TAPPI T 221 “Drainage Time of Pulp.”

Product code: 0104T205

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