Developments in Handling Sugar Cane Bagasse for Newsprint Production, 1993 Pulping Conference Proceedings

Many unsuccessful attempts have been made over the years at producing acceptable quality newsprint from bagasse pulp. it has been only in the last 20 to 25 years where large mills dedicated to bagasse newsprint production have been built.

lt was not until Beloit Corporation together with Seshsssyee Paper and Board of India developed the "Beloit Process" for producing newsprint from bagasse that the real breakthrough was found. In 1986 this process was implemented with the successful start up of the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers, Ltd. in India, which is now operating profitably.

With the steady increase in paper mill capacities and the sophistication of the pulp mill equipment, it becomes increasingly important to present the bagasse to the pulp mill in its best possible condition and to do it economically.

This paper will deal with the subject of the treatment and handling of bagasse from the sugar mill through depithing, compacting, transporting, handling, storing and washing.

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