Method for Measuring the Impact Strength of Heavy-Gauge Films, 1995 Polymers, Laminations & Coatings Conference Proceedings

J.V. Krohn & D.W. Jordy

Lyondell Petrochemical Co. ALATHON® Polymers

Impact strength of polyethylene films has traditionally been measured using a falling dart testing procedure. With the falling dart method, various weights are added to a dart in order to puncture a film specimen. This procedure is limited by the maximum weight that can be added to the dart, restricting the usefulness of this test method for measuring the impact strength of heavy-gauge films. A method has been developed to measure the impact strength of heavy-gauge films using instrumented impact testing. This method is routinely used to measure the impact strength of molded parts. In instrumented impact testing, a load cell measures the forces that occur as a probe punctures a film specimen. Details on the testing parameters are presented, including probe dimension and equipment settings. In addition, test results comparing the instrumented impact method with the traditional falling dart method are reported.

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Author: Krohn, J.V., Jordy, D.W.

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