Paper Sludge - Waste Disposal Problem or Energy Opportunity, 1999 Engineering Conference Proceedings

A new significant waste stream has emerged with the focus on recycled products in the paper industry. Paper sludge has been a disposal liability for a number of years, but deinking sludge is a relative newcomer to the waste streams of paper mills. Plants with on-site landfills are running out of storage space, or are faced with the environmental concerns and liabilities involving potential ground water contamination from earlier disposal practices. Off-site commercial landfill

for paper sludge disposal is becoming prohibitively expensive in many parts of the world. As an option to landfilling, modern fluidized bed boiler technology provides a means for successful thermal oxidation of these high ash, high moisture waste streams, producing process steam and/or electricity while reducing the mill’s reliance on costly fossil fuels for steam production. These systems not only utilize the current production of deinking and paper sludges, but also material mined from existing on-site landfills to mitigate ground water contamination concerns. Fluidized bed combustion is rapidly becoming the ultimate solution for final disposal of paper mill wastes. This paper describes two new fluidized bed energy systems constructed to generate process steam and power while simultaneously solving paper mill sludge disposal problems.

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Author: Pope, K.M., Albertson, D.M.

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