Modern Bagasse Pulp Mill in Egypt, 1999 Pulping Conference Proceedings

Mohamed NAGA

BELOIT Austria


QUENA Newsprint

This paper will describe a modern CHEMICAL PULP PLANT based on sugar can bagasse as raw material, as it is now in the execution phase at Quena Newsprint Paper Company, in Kous, Egypt.

Depithed, washed and cleaned bagasse is conveyed to the digester house to be cooked to pulp. As digester the PANDIA® type is used which is the most suitable digester for pulp production from nonwood fiber plants. The cooking process is “Mild Kraft Process” with a sulphidity of less than 20%. Brown stock washing is done in a three stage drum wshing system, operating counter currently. The screening system is installed between the second and third drum washer.

The plant is equiped with an oxygen delignification preior to the bleaching plant. The bleach plant is designed for a three stage short sequence Do - EO - D1.

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Author: Finell, M., Rehnberg, O.

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