Improvement of linerboard properties by condebelt drying, TAPPI JOURNAL, July 2000, Vol. 83(7)

Hak Lae Lee

Hye Jung Youn

Tae Min Jung

Jin Doo Kim

The Condebelt drying process, originally developed to increase drying rates, also provides opportunities to improve sheet strength properties, thus allowing the papermaker to reduce basis weights or increase the utilization of recycled furnishes.

This paper investigates the effects of operating conditions in the Condebelt press dryer—temperature, pressure, dwell time, and inlet sheet moisture content—on sheet properties.

Laboratory experiments simulating the Condebelt process were performed with a static rig, and repetitively recycled Korean OCC (old corrugated containers) was used as the principal raw material.

Condebelt drying produced significant improvements in sheet density, compression strength, tensile strength, and surface smoothness. Control of pressure and inlet dryness was critical in improving sheet properties. The discussion concludes with a brief description of industrial experience with a Condebelt drying press in a Korean mill producing corrugated board from 100% OCC.

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