A cost–benefit assessment of blgcc Technology, TAPPI JOURNAL, June 2000, Vol. 83(6)

Eric D. Larson, George W. Mcdonald, Wenrui Yang, Wm. James Frederick, Kristiina Iisa, Thomas G. Kreutz, Earl W. Malcolm, and Craig A. Brown

Capital and operating costs are estimated for new installations of a gasifier/combined cycle system with oxygen-blown or with air-blown gasification and with different H 2 S recovery systems. One scenario focuses on the potential to exploit the splitting of sodium and sulfur in white liquor preparation. Capital costs are roughly equivalent to those for a comparable Tomlinson furnace, but 100–175% more electric power is generated with the combined cycle system.The lowest cost option is that of air-blown gasification with recycling of H 2 S to the gasifier. This scenario has a capital cost advantage of US$20 million over the Tomlinson furnace, and the mill would generate an additional $11.6 million per year in operating energy credits.

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