Get it All: Essential Training and the Must-Have Textbook

Get it All: Essential Training and the Must-Have Textbook

Register before Friday, December 15 to save $900 or more on the industry’s most comprehensive overview of papermaking and pulping today – the TAPPI Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course.

Whether you supervise operations or work on the mill floor, this essential training provides the tools you need to educate yourself and others.

Dr. Michael J. Kocurek delivers introductory and intermediate-level curriculum supported by a distinctive collection of more than 2,000 visuals.  Review the Course Schedule to see all that's packed into one of TAPPI's highest rated courses.

This course will help you…
• Demonstrate overview knowledge of mill operations, products, process variables, equipment, and terminology.
• Describe examples of how one part of the mill affects another.
• Explain the importance of thinking on a mill wide basis.
• Discuss how the pulp and paper processes affect product properties and quality.

Take Back a Copy of the "Smook Book"
Included with your course fee is a copy of the valuable reference manual called the "Smook Book" or specifically titled, The Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists by Gary Smook.  Thirteen years in the making, this manual is considered the must-have book for professionals in the pulp and paper industry and widely used by P&P companies, colleges and universities because it includes hundres of illustrations, charts and tables.

Book Your Room
The TAPPI block of discounted hotel rooms is offered through December 15.

This course is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida with the TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Course and rooms may fill to capacity.

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