A New Resource for Reliability & Maintenance Professionals

A New Resource for Reliability & Maintenance Professionals

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For more than a decade, TAPPI has partnered with IDCON to provide valuable information about reliability and maintenance issues in the pulp and paper industry. That partnership is now extending to include a new section in Paper360°, TAPPI’s official member magazine.

From the smallest bearing to the largest supercalender and everything in between each paper machine component must be kept in top working condition, or the entire system suffers. Because that’s true, we’ve seen incredible strides made in the science of reliability and maintenance throughout the past decades. That’s where IDCON comes in. Their reliability and maintenance experience and philosophy is a great fit for our industry, and their audit and benchmarking strategies have a proven track record.

In order to provide TAPPI members and Paper360° readers specialized R&M information they can use in their mills, it makes sense to turn to the experts. Members and readers are now offered information delivered straight to their desktops (both physical and virtual!). And we’re not stopping there. TAPPI and IDCON will be expanding this partnership to also deliver a dedicated R&M website with valuable additional content, a free newsletter, online communities, events, and more.

For more information about the partnership, please contact Ben Hopper at [email protected].

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