Nano 2018: Attend Intro to Wood Course

Nano 2018: Attend Intro to Wood Course

Open to all Nano 2018 attendees, the Introduction to Wood Science course is ideal for newcomers to the industry or individuals without a formal degree in the science of wood.

The course provides participants with a practical understanding of the fundamentals, including wood structure, adhesives, and dimensional stability. Wood-polymer relationships, which are essential to engineered wood products, state of the art drying and lumber processing, and preservation and protection techniques, will also be covered. The course is taught by some of the foremost academics in the field and is considered a must-attend for those just entering the field, or who may not have a formal degree in wood science. It’s co-location with Nano 2018, which is the only conference focused specifically on the production and use of cellulose nanomaterials, provides the perfect venue to learn the basics.

The course will be held 11 June 2018. Buses will depart the Best Western Premier Park Hotel at 7:30 am and return at 3:30 pm. The course fee is $175 and includes transportation (to and from the event) and lunch. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Introduction/Safety - Dr. Dave DeVallance, West Virginia University
  • Wood: How Structure Determines Properties - Dr. Chris Hunt and Dr. Alex Wiedenhoeft, USDA Forest Products Laboratory
  • Adhesives and the Swelling of Wood - Dr. Joseph Jakes and Dr. Chris Hunt, USDA Forest Products Laboratory
  • Drying/Lumber Processing - Dr. Brian Bond, Virginia Tech University
  • Wood Protection and Durability - Dr. Beth Stokes, Mississippi State University
  • Forest Products Marketing - Dr. Rich Vlosky, Louisiana Forest Products Development Center, Louisiana State University
  • USDA Forest Products Laboratory Tour – FPL Staff

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Following the course, attendees will take a tour of the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, in Madison, Wisconsin, and see leading edge research projects in action.

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