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Microbiology and Microbial Technical Committee - This committee evaluates microbiological control systems and studies microbiological processes in the pulp and paper industry. Areas of interest are wastewater treatment, FDA issues related to food packaging, and the impact of recycling on biological control.

Paper & Board Scholarship Committee - The purpose of the Scholarship Program of the Paper and Board Division Scholarship Program is to encourage talented science and engineering students to pursue careers in the paper industry, to encourage these students to utilize their talents in advancing the science and technology of papermaking, and to provide financial assistance to selected students in universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning. These students must major in scientific or technical disciplines related to the manufacture of paper and paperboard.

Paper and Board Division Steering Committee - This committee was formed when the Asset Management Committee merged with the Project Management Committee. It involves creation, optimization and sustainability (continuous operations/availability) of physical equipment and facilities (assets), and deals with providing the return on investment(s) a business makes over the life of its assets. The Paper & Board Division Steering Committee acts as an executive committee to assist the Division Chairman in the conduct of the Division's business and to maintain continuity through the successive changes in Division leadership.

Papermakers Committee - This committee of the Paper and Board Division is involved in the study of the operation of fourdrinier and twin-wire paper machines and of auxiliary equipment from the machine chests to the winder, insofar as such equipment affects the paper machine operation.

Papermakers Technical Program Committee - The Papermakers Technical Program Committee is responsible for putting together some of the tracks at the annual PaperCon conference.

Additives Committee - This committee of the Paper and Board Division studies the preparation, use, and evaluation of nonfibrous materials for paper and paperboard manufacture. Materials include internal and external additives.

Papermaking Additives Steering Committee - The Papermaking Additives Steering Committee oversees the direction of the Papermaking Additives Committee.

Papermaking Specialists Subcommittee

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