Mill Manager of the Year

2001 Douglas Daniels, Sappi Fine Paper North America
2002 Larry Newell, Liberty Paper
2003 Richard D. Arnold, Nexor Fraser Papers Inc.
2004 Jack Carter, SP Newsprint
2005 Warren "Buddy" Allen, Domtar Industries Inc.
2006 Gaynor L. "Bud" Nash, Bowater Inc.
2007 John Donahue, SAPPI-Somerset Operations
2008 Jeffrey C. Dutton, Fraser Papers Ltd.
2009 Tim Lowe, Domtar
2010 Charlie Floyd, Domtar
2011 Mike Bruner, International Paper
2012 Tom Detwiler, Domtar Paper LLC
2013 Bob Grygotis, Domtar
2014 Mark Haser, Green Circle Bioenergy 
2015 John Eric Ashby, Domtar
2016 Steve Henry, Domtar

2018 Kathy Collins, Domtar

The Brookshire Moore Superintendent of the Year

1979 R. Francis Serafin, St. Regis Paper Company
1980 Laurie Driggers, South Carolina Industries Inc.
1981 Percy Lewis, South Carolina Industries Inc.
1983 Wayne H. Taunton, Great Southern Paper Company
1984 Roy F. Gaskin, Alabama Kraft Company
1985 John DeKock, Appleton Papers,Bernard Gerry, Jr., Great Northern Paper Company
1986 A.W. "Art" Oelhafen, Owens-Illinois Inc.
1987 Lawrence "Larry" Johnson, Lake Superior Industries
1988 Raymond M. Shuey, Blandin Paper Company,Eugene Shurling, Inland-Orange Paper Company
1989 Floyd Duncan, Stone Container Corporation
1990 Ed Mars, Gilman Paper Company
1991 Roger Fortin, E.B. Eddy Forest Products Inc.
1992 William F. Baker, Union Camp Corporation
1993 Roy H. Caldwell, Georgia-Pacific Corporation,Wesley Urban, Champion International Corporation
1994 Simon Gore, Bear Island Paper Company
1995 Nyle F. Parchim, Willamette Industries
1996 Joe Strick, Appleton Papers
1997 John Baker, Stone-Consolidated
1998 Mike Holtzapfel, MacMillan Bloedel
1999 Vince DeCesere, Eastern Fine Paper
2000 Stephen E. Farmer, Champion International
2001 Samuel E. Oldham, Jr., Georgia-Pacific Corporation
2002 Dana F. Deans, International Paper
2003 Kenneth W. Brown, Visy Paper Co.
2004 Ronnie Cosper, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
2005 Sam Cobb, MeadWestvaco
2006 Mike Griffith, Georgia-Pacific
2007 John “Jay” Martin, Graphic Packaging International
2008 W. Roger Smith, Domtar
2009 Carlos Lerma
2010 Richard L. House, Clearwater Paper
2011 Roger Brzezinski, New Page
2012 Chuck Thames, Domtar Company
2013 Harvey Clayton, Domtar

2014 Scott Sorenson, Retired, UPM Blandin

2015 Troy Wilson, Domtar

2016 Gary Neyer, Clearwater

2018 Todd Coltrain, Domtar

Ray H. Cross Community Service Award

1965 Herman L. Moore, International Paper, and L.L. Mrachek, Brunswick Paper & Pulp
1966 Roscoe Poteet, The Mead Corporation
1967 George F. Durand, Port Huron Paper Company
1968 Ronald Hynes, Newton Falls Paper Mill, Inc.
1969 William Verross, Interstate Paper Corporation
1970 W.G. Caldwell, International Paper, C.D. Milligan, Packaging Corporation of America
1971 M. Lebby Boinset, Jr., Albermarle Paper Company
1972 Lawrence W. Murfeldt, Consolidated Paper Company
1973 Donald G. Driscoll, Sorg Paper Company, and Jay Walter Juckett, Sandy Hill Corporation
1974 W. Wyatt Shorter, Union Camp Corporation
1975 Franck P. Morrison, Penobscot Paper Company
1976 David F. Pollard, St. Regis Paper Company
1977 A.J. "Ben" Haug, Scott Paper Company, and D.L. "Del" Boutin, Boutin Associates, Incorporated
1978 G. Rupert Palmer, Jr., Burrows Paper Company, and Floyd H. Rourke, Sandy Hill Corporation
1979 Donald J. Goodman, Sorg Paper Company
1980 Edgar T. Dean, Brown Paper Company
1981 Robert Shinners, Great Northern Paper Company, and Clarence Heidemann, Owens-Illinois Incorporated
1982 David Belew, Beckett Paper Company
1983 Roger T. Ogden, Consolidated Papers, Inc.
1984 Dale Hoy, Port Huron Paper Corporation
1985 Bruce D. Skofroncik, Ward Paper Company
1986 Thomas W. Busch, Retired
1987 Walter R. Cloud, U.S. Paper Mills Corporation
1988 George O. Reinbacher, Pope & Talbot, Incorporated
1990 William F. Buedingen, Georgia-Pacific/Tomahawk
1993 Louis K. Wilhelm, P.H. Glatfelter Company
1994 Donald MacDonald, J. Ford & Co. Ltd.
1995 Bill J. McIntire, Cross Pointe Paper
1996 Tilden Norris
1997 Keith Mutchler, U.S. Paper Mills
1998 George Brown, Tenneco Packaging
1999 David K. Hailey, International Paper
2000 Robert C. Jackson, Bear Island Paper Company
2001 Richard M. Johnston, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
2002 Patrice Pergolski, Weyerhaeuser Company
2003 Paul McCann, Appleton Papers Inc.
2004 Thomas O'Connor, Mohawk Paper Mills, Inc.
2005 David C. Almond, Ciba Specialty Chemicals
2008 Charles T. Floyd
2009 Buddy Allen
2011 Jef Howell, Verso Paper
2012 Bill Edwards, Domtar
2013 Alan F. Button, Retired
2014 Roger Smith, Domtar
2015 Clark Schabo, Schabo Printing

2017 Sandra Lenz, Appleton Coated
2018 Bob Grygotis, Domtar

Glen T. Renegar Award

1974 Glen T. Renegar, Container Corporation of America 
1975 William E. French, Lindsay Wire Weaving Co. 
1976 John Teggert, Schoeller Technical Papers 
1980 Alfred M. Hartley, Diamond Shamrock Corp.
1980 Joseph A. Paciello=, American Color & Chemical Co.
1981 Frank Morrison, Pennibscot Division, Diamond International Corp. 
1982 Walter A. Forbes, Appleton Mills 
1983 William "Bill" Somers, Engelhard Minerals and Chemical Co.
1985 Brookshire C. Moore, Brookshire C. Moore Assoc., Inc. 
1986 Richard D. Violette, Great Northern Paper Co.
1987 Perry W. Bartsch, Perry W. Bartsch Associates 
1988 H. Maxwell Hughson, Consolidated Papers Inc. 
1989 Eugene H. Laughlin, Eastern Fine Paper
1990 E.J. “Woody” Rice, Hercules Incorporated 
1991 John H. Kuhn, John H. Kuhn Associates 
1992 Kenneth H. Phillips, James River Corp.
1993 Robert P. Calvert, Montana Talc Co.
1995 Jack Starin, Hercules Incorporated 
1996 Roland "Duke" Duval, Albany International 
1997 Scott Baumruck, PIMA 
1998 Ron L. Shoel, Beloit Corp. 
1999 Ben Thorp, Georgia-Pacific 
2000 Catherine "Katy" Abernathy, Hercules Paper Process Group 
2001 Arthur D. Rankin, Appleton Papers
2002 Willis J. Potts, Inland Paperboard & Packaging, Inc.
2003 L. Diane Murdock, Fluidix Microforming Systems Inc.
2004 Raymond J. Heuchling, Irving Forest Products
2005 Michael E. McIntosh, International Paper 
2006 Catherine "Katy" Abernathy, Hercules Paper Technologies and Ventures
2007 Harry D. Seamans, Potlatch Corporation
2008 Kathy Buckman Gibson, Buckman Laboratories 
2009 Steve Tremont, BASF
2010 Jeff Thorne, Buckman
2011 Steve Farmer, Genesis Performance Partners LLC
2012 Albert Moore, Buckman (Retired)
2013 Harry D. Seamans, Clearwater (Retired)

2014 Roger Smith, Domtar

2015 Keith Kemp, AstonJohnson

2016 Matt Szymanski, Green Bay Packaging

2017 Pamela Cowan, Pulmac Systems International

Thomas F. Sheerin, Sr., Service Award

1981 William K. Metcalfe, AER Corporation
1982 Robert F. Vokes, Black Clawson Company
1985 Ben J. Vanden Heuvel, Appleton Mills
1986 George G. Marsanskis, Albany International Corporation
1988 Clemence J. Santoski, Jr., Albany International Corporation
1989 Roland J. "Duke" Duval, Albany International Corporation
1990 Jim Stanley, Asten Hill
1991 Barbara Wortley, General Chemical Corporation
1992 Dan Koepke, Sandos Chemicals Corporation
1993 John J. "Jack" Connors, Stowe-Woodward/Mt. Hope Co.
1994 Robert W. Wirth, Voith, Inc.
1995 Philip M. Baker, Engelhard Corp.
1996 Joe Osfar, Nalco Chemical
1997 Ron Valiquette, Scapa Group
1998 Thomas S. Paine, Penford Products Co.
1999 Robert P. Calvert, Luzenac America
2000 Albert Moore, Buckman Laboratories
2001 James S. Ragus, Williams-Gray Company
2002 Glenn V. Ostle, Metso Paper
2003 Barbara "Gilly" Hitchcock, F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants of Bangor
2004 Rick Colvin, R. Colvin Consulting
2005 Jeffery M. Thorne, Buckman Laboratories, Inc.
2006 David Hickman, Thiele Kaolin
2007 Terry Gallagher, Nalco Company
2008 Chet H. Cross, Hercules
2009 Doug Moore, Cianbro Corporation

2011 Peter R. Gaddie, Nalco

2015 Wavell Cowan, Pulmac Ventures Company

2016 Manfred Jäger, Jaeger GmbH

2017 Doug Sweet, Doug Sweet & Associates

Student of the Year Award

2002 Joseph Jorgenson, University of Minnesota
2003 Adam J. Hoffman, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2004 Kristy L. Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2005 Elizabeth Allison Siegrist, Miami University
2006 Christopher Young, IPST
2007 Susan E. Saucier, University of Maine
2008 Amy St. Peter
2009 Sarah Enman, University of Maine
2010 Sarah Muzzy, University of Maine
2011 Nicholas Knowlen, University of Maine
2012 Hannah Verrill, University of Maine
2013 Rachel E. Strelow, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

2014 Kory Kleuskens, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

2015 Katherine Ebensperger, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

2016 Nika Wanserski, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

2017 Sage Duguay, University of Maine
2018 Courtney Wilt , Miami University

IT Service Award

(formerly the Technologist of the Year Award) 

2006 Roger Grahl, Georgia-Pacific
2007 Russ Bishop, Weyerhaeuser
2010 Christophe Deslandes, KapStone Paper & Packaging
2012 Paul Stecher, RockTenn

2013 Jeff Chamberlin, Domtar

2015 Ben DeSollar, Sumter Packaging

2016 Rick Zimmerman, Kapstone Paper 

2017 David Pawelke, MAJIQ Inc.

Delano L. ‘Del” Boutin Division Service Award

1992 John E. Donahue, Hercules Incorporate
1993 Diane Oppenhuisen, James River Corp.
1994 Patrick J. Shouvlin, Lindsay Wire
1995 Art Rankin, Appleton Papers
1996 Richard M. Johnston, Jefferson-Smurfit/CCA
1997 Harry Nesbitt, Retired
1998 William Pressley, BetzDearborn Paper Process Group
1999 Dan Stovall, International Paper
2000 Ray Heuchling, Irving Forest Products
2001 James F. Beatty, Paper Technology Consultant
2002 Robert A. "Bobby" Morrison, Voith Fabrics
2003 Caren J. Stevens, Tesa Tape Inc.
2004 Rick Hess, Domtar
2005 Philip M. Baker, Engelhard Corp. (retired)
2006 Eric Wohltjen, Honeywell
2007 Guy Martinek, North Central PIMA, and JJ Plank, Spencer Johnston
2009 Proserfina Bennett, University of Maine
2010 John “J.T.” Fisher, SchaeferRolls, Inc.
2011 Micki Meggison, Sappi Fine Paper
2012 Mark Reynolds, Imerys Pigments

Kenneth H. Phillips Specialist Group Award

2000 Mel Patterson, Consolidated Papers
2001 Gilman J. Berube, Fraser Papers
2002 C.A. “Kasy” King, Consultant
2003 Ward Patton, Metso Paper
2004 Gail Petersen, Datamasters
2005 Joseph L. Konkel, Georgia-Pacific, and John Yolton, SKF Reliability Systems
2006 Art Rankin, Appleton (retired)
2007 Ray Oliverson, HSB Reliability Technologies
2008 Joseph L. Konkel, Georgia-Pacific Corp

Michael P. Johnson IT Affiliate Award

2006 Ole Fadum, Fadum Enterprises
2007 J. Patrick Kennedy, OSIsoft