Standards Advisory Review Group

The Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is a group of TAPPI members appointed by the Quality and Standards Management Committee (Q&SMC) who are familiar with the TAPPI Standards process and are qualified to participate in the final review of Standards after they have been approved by the appropriate Standards-Specific Interest Group (SSIG).

The Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is responsible for determining that the Standards review and/or development process has been properly followed, and that all negatives and comments have been resolved as required by these regulations. The SARG is appointed to terms whose lengths are determined by the Q&SMC. The SARG shall have a minimum of three members, but may have as many as the Q&SMC deems appropriate.

SARG Meetings

The SARG is required to meet twice a year to act on Standards that are in the final stage of review. The last SARG meeting was held on May 18, 2016. The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2016 in Orlando, FL at 1:30 p.m. EST. For conference call-in information, contact Before October 12, 2016. 

The SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation; members who have particular concerns or who have issues about particular methods are especially encouraged to participate. Anyone wishing to participate in the SARG meeting may attend in person or may access the meeting via conference call. If you wish to participate, please send a message to before October 12, 2016.

The Standards listed below have achieved the proper votes to be considered for approval at the next SARG meeting. If you want to request a copy of draft in ballot, or if you have any comments or appeals to make prior to the SARG meeting, please send a message to


Standards Advisory Review Group

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1:30 pm (EASTERN time)

Minneapolis Convention Center

Minneapolis, MN  

I.   Welcome and introductions

II.   Antitrust Statement

III.  Approval of Agenda

IV.   Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2016

V.    Standards ready for final approval (* indicates standards eligible for submission as American National Standards)

  1. T 821 om-17 “Pin adhesion of corrugated board by selective separation”
  2. T 278 sp-17 “Pulp screening (Valley-type screening device)”
  3. T 819 cm-17 “Water absorption of corrugating medium:  boat method”
  4. T 519 om-17 “Diffuse opacity of paper (d/0 paper backing)”
  5. T 827 om-17 “Box blank dimensioning”
  6. T 809 om-17 “Flat crush of corrugating medium (CMT test)”
  7. T 811 om-17 “Edgewise compressive strength of corrugated fiberboard (short column
  8. WI 3032 "Dry tensile properties of paper towel and tissue products (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)"
  9. T 800 cm-06 “Drum test for fiberboard shipping containers (revolving hexagonal drum)”
  10. T 810 om-11 “Bursting strength of corrugated board”
  11. T 448 om-09 “Water vapor transmission rate of paper and paperboard at 23 degrees C and 50% RH”
  12. T 413 om-11 “Ash in wood, pulp, paper and paperboard:  combustion at 900 degrees C”
  13. T 526 cm-04 “Blister resistance of coated paper in heatset printing”
  14. T 227 om-09 “Freeness of pulp (Canadian standard method)”
  15. T 400 sp-11 “Sampling and accepting a single lot of paper, paperboard, containerboard, or related product”

VI.   Other business

VII.  Next meeting

VIII. Adjournment


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