Standards Advisory Review Group

The Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is a group of TAPPI members appointed by the Quality and Standards Management Committee (Q&SMC) who are familiar with the TAPPI Standards process and are qualified to participate in the final review of Standards after they have been approved by the appropriate Standards-Specific Interest Group (SSIG).

The Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is responsible for determining that the Standards review and/or development process has been properly followed, and that all negatives and comments have been resolved as required by these regulations. The SARG is appointed to terms whose lengths are determined by the Q&SMC. The SARG shall have a minimum of three members, but may have as many as the Q&SMC deems appropriate.

SARG Meetings

The SARG is required to meet twice a year to act on Standards that are in the final stage of review. The last SARG meeting was held on October 4, 2017. The next meeting is scheduled for the week of April 15, 2018 in Charlotte, NC. For conference call-in information, contact before April 10, 2018. 

The SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation; members who have particular concerns or who have issues about particular methods are especially encouraged to participate. Anyone wishing to participate in the SARG meeting may attend in person or may access the meeting via conference call. If you wish to participate, please send a message to before April 10, 2018.

The agenda for the upcoming SARG meeting is listed below containing the methods that have achieved the proper votes to be considered for approvaln If you want to request a copy of draft in ballot, or if you have any comments or appeals to make prior to the SARG meeting, please send a message to



Standards Advisory Review Group

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2:30 am (EASTERN time)


Charlotte Convention Center

Charlotte, NC


Conference Call Number: US: 1-866-740-1260 / Int’l: 303-248-0285

Passcode: 3544289#


  1. Welcome and introductions


  1. Antitrust Statement


  1. Approval of Agenda


  1. Approval of Minutes from October 4, 2017 meeting


  1. Standards ready for final approval

(* indicates standards eligible for submission as American National Standards)


  1. *T 212 om-18 “One percent sodium hydroxide solubility of wood and pulp”
  2. *T 262 sp-18 “Units of measurement and conversion factors”
  3. *T 281 sp-18 “Open drum washer mat sampling technique”
  4. *T 419 om-18 “Starch in paper”
  5. *T 452 om-18 “Brightness of pulp, paper, and paperboard (directional reflectance at 457 nm)”
  6. *T 464 om-18 “Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) (ultraviolet level D65)”
  7. *T 530 om-18 “Size test for paper by in resistance (Hercules-type method)”
  8. *T 536 om-18 “Resistance of paper to passage of air (high-pressure Gurley method)”
  9. *T 547 om-18 “Air permeance of paper and paperboard (Sheffield method)”
  10. *T 579 om-18 “Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) (ultraviolet level D65)”
  11. *T 815 om-18 “Coefficient of static friction (slide angle) of packaging and packaging materials (including shipping sack papers, corrugated and solid fiberboard) (inclined plane method)”
  12. *T 830 om-18 “Ink rub test of containerboard and corrugated board”
  13. *T 839 om-18 “Edgewise compressive strength of corrugated fiberboard using the clamp method (short column test)”
  14. *T 1210 sp-18 “Units of measurement and conversion factors”
  15. *T 1216 sp-18 “Indices for whiteness, yellowness, brightness, and luminous reflectance factor”


VI.          Other business


VII.         Next meeting


VIII.       Adjournment