Corrugated Packaging Division

corrugated packaging division TAPPI serves the corrugated packaging industry through the work of the Corrugated Packaging Division. TAPPI’s Corrugated Packaging Division focuses on the manufacture and use of corrugated containers and associated packaging materials and products. It serves as a forum for knowledge sharing in the corrugated packaging industry. The division is comprised of members who work for converters, suppliers, consulting companies, and others in the converting industry.

The Technical Committees of the Corrugated Packaging Division are dedicated to sharing information and knowledge about specific areas of technology. Each committee meets twice per year and members work together throughout the year by phone and internet to solve problems, develop technical papers, plan conference sessions, and more. New members are always welcome.

Most Committees are open to all TAPPI members. To join a Committee, contact Kristi Ledbetter at or +1-770-209-7319. You can also contact TAPPI’s Member Connection Center at or call 1-800-332-8686 (US), 1-800-446-9431 (Canada), or +1-770-446-1400.

Corrugated Industry-Specific Local Sections are dedicated to upgrading member knowledge of the corrugated box converting process and providing peer technical networking opportunities. The Chicago Local Section is geographically based and focuses on regional issues specific to its members.

Company Classroom
Looking for hard-to-find training resources to meet your specialized needs? TAPPI’s Company Classroom for Corrugated allows YOU to pick the issue, as well as the time, date, and place. We bring a specialized expert to your place of business and let the training and problem solving begin! For more information contact Mary Beth Cornell at

Upcoming Division Events
Please visit our Education and Training page to learn more about the wide variety of conferences, short courses and virtual seminars that will be of interest to you.

When you join a Corrugated Packaging Committee you can access My TAPPI, a forum designed to connect you with others who share your interests. This community page allows members to collaborate on team projects and share technical information, links, and files. If you are a Committee Member, and you are currently logged in, you can view all your TAPPI Member Groups online.

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