The mission of the International Nanotechnology Division is to serve as the leading global forum for the community of individuals, organizations and institutions seeking to collectively advance the responsible and sustainable production and use of renewable nanomaterials.

The International Nanotechnology Division works to:

  • Advance research, development and deployment of renewable nanomaterials to help meet the material needs of people and society;
  • Share and disseminate knowledge and information on the responsible production, use, and disposal of renewable nanomaterials, with a special emphasis on nanomaterials produced from forest biomass;
  • Advance the science and technology supporting the production, modification and end user applications for renewable nanomaterials used either alone or in combination with other materials.

The new International Nanotechnology Division is TAPPI’s eleventh division, reflecting continued growth of the organization. TAPPI is now recruiting volunteers for the International Nanotechnology Division who can help identify advancements in renewable nanocellulose materials research, development and, most importantly, commercialization. To learn more or join this exciting new division of TAPPI, email Mary Ann Cauthen, TAPPI Member Group Coordinator, at

The Division has established three teams to work on supporting Division activities. To learn more about the Division, click on one of the “Resources” links below, or visit

Production and Applications of Cellulose Nanomaterials
The first publication produced by the TAPPI Nanotechnology Division, is a collection of over 100 short, two-four page technical summaries that provide a state-of-the-art overview on the production and modification of these materials, plus properties and processing of various composites. Also included are summaries of the latest modeling of these materials, and high-end applications in electronics and coatings.

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