Adhesion Challenges: Corona Treatments vs. Plasma Treatments







Do you have good understanding of the roots of surface treatment challenges for polymeric, metallic, and composite materials? Can you describe the corona and plasma treatment mechanisms which overcome those challenges? If not, then you should participate in the one hour FREE Webinar, “Corona Treatments vs. Plasma Treatments” at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday, September 25.

Corona discharges and Atmospheric pressure plasmas are valuable tools for the surface treatment of materials prior to printing, laminating, coating, painting, bonding, and other applications. They are used in a diverse number of manufacturing environments such as packaging, converting, medical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, solar, battery, and many others. The applications in these industries all have one thing in common – adhesion challenges.

Join Rory Wolf, Business Unit Manager for ITW’s Pillar Technologies, in Hartland WI, as he breaks down these challenges. This is a free Webinar, however registration is required. Register now.