Celebrating a Century of Achievement



In 2015, TAPPI will celebrate its 100-year anniversary.  This remarkable milestone represents an excellent opportunity to commemorate the past, present and future successes of our industry and the people and companies who achieved them.  As part of this year-long observance we will focus on the many innovative discoveries and breakthroughs developed by academic and industrial research groups over the past 100 years.  It will also give all of our divisions a chance to interact and learn from each other.

The TAPPI PLACE Division will be participating in the program with a one day track and would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting event by submitting an abstract.  For suggested topics and additional information download the Call for Presentations or contact Kelly Frey freykr@cpchem.com .  For additional information on the TAPPI Centennial Celebration visit www.tappi100years.org or contact Kristi Ledbetter kledbetter@tappi.org