PLACE Division Webinar Series

Plan to attend the FREE webinar on July 31, 2015 at 2:00 PM. This webinar is sponsored by the PLACE Division and will feature Shari Jackson, Director, Film Recycling, Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council. Shari will present "FFRG: Promoting Recycling as an End-of-life Solution for Plastic Film Packaging" Public misconceptions about the recyclability of plastic films are leading to calls for its de-selection, or the imposition of user fees to cover perceived municipal end-of-life costs. The Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) of the American Chemistry Council is leading a national effort to double the recycling of polyethylene (PE) films by 2020. This effort will help ensure the continued competitiveness of PE film by enhancing its acceptance among downstream customers and consumers as a sustainable material. FFRG is implementing a major initiative to help educate the public about how and why they should recycle plastic films. Through this webinar your will learn about this initiative and other FFRG programs to support film packaging design for recyclability and collection of high quality film for recycling."

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Extrusion Coating Course

Back by Popular Demand! The TAPPI PLACE Extrusion Coating Course explores best practices and equipment technology that apply to extrusion coating applications.

This course is designed to help you learn about basic resin and equipment technology (extruders, dies, and auxiliary equipment) that have applications in the extrusion coating application process. You'll also obtain detailed instruction for equipment and process technology specific to the extrusion coating process. A team of experts in the field will discuss commonly faced process problems in extrusion coating.

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The Daniel Siegel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Purpose: To encourage talented science and engineering students to pursue careers in the packaging industry and to develop awareness of the industry, and of the TAPPI Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, Coatings and Extrusions (PLACE) Division.

This scholarship is presented only in even-numbered years, the $4,000 scholarship will be awarded to a TAPPI Student Chapter member enrolled in a packaging or related major. The scholarship is funded by an endowment from MICA Corporation and the Siegel family. PLACE serves the interests of the industries relating to its name (Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, Coatings and Extrusions). Industries pertaining to these technologies include packaging, industrial films and laminations, blown and cast films extrusion, extrusion coatings and laminations, sheet extrusion and printing associated with these areas.

Special requirements: Applicants must demonstrate an interest in the technological areas covered by the PLACE Division. For application and deadlines go here and click on “Scholarship Information and Application – Interactive Word File (or pdf version)”.

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