Paper360º is the only global publication dedicated to exploring the links within the pulp & paper industry: from forest resource to finished product; from superintendent to CEO; around the industry, around the world. Paper360º is a magazine steeped in tradition with roots firmly planted in the technical and management expertise of TAPPI and PIMA.

Tissue 360° is a quarterly TAPPI publication covering the global tissue, toweling, and associated converting industries, with a focus on mill and plant operating floor technologies and applications.

TAPPI JOURNAL is a peer-reviewed journal covering practical research on topics most important to papermaking professionals. It also features insight from the authors and new s about key developments in paper industry research and technology. In 2011, Progress in Paper Recycling (PPR) was integrated into TAPPI JOURNAL. PPR has a history of converting major innovation in paper recycling technology.

is a bi-monthly journal serving the North American corrugated industry. Corrugated Today keeps the industry up to date with everything that is shaping North America’s modern corrugated industry.

Flexible Packaging
is the only publication dedicated 100% to printers and converters of flexible packaging. The magazine serves as an indispensable information tool for a range of job functions, from CEO and plant managers, to those in charge of production line operations. It covers technical developments, manufacturing practices, as well as legislative, environmental and economic issues.

Specialty Newsletters

TAPPI electronic and print newsletters provide news, information, and instant access to resources and solutions.

  • AOTC - Your weekly installment of tips and ideas for success. Compiled by TAPPI’s editors, Ahead of the Curve brings you relevant information you can use today to prepare for tomorrow.
  • OTW - TAPPI’s free weekly electronic newsletter, distributed exclusively to TAPPI members, provides instant access to industry news and information.
  • Tissue360° Newsletter - Tissue360° is a monthly eNewsletter featuring news and technical information regarding the tissue making and converting industry
  • PLACE Weekly Wrap-up: A free electronic newsletter designed for professionals working in flexible packaging, laminations, adhesives, coatings, and extrusions.
  • Caught in the NET - A free e-mail resource providing members and non-members with comprehensive weekly news briefings of the week’s top stories. Each edition of Caught In the NET contains articles gathered from an expansive list of sources plus the latest from TAPPI. This newsletter is a great way to stay informed.
  • STAR - The Standards and Tips Action Report (STAR) delivers all current news about the development and publication of TAPPI Standards and TIPs in one newsletter, creating a public record of relevant actions.
  • Packaging Strategies Newsletter: The packaging industry’s signature paid newsletter, offering key business developments, consumer trends, technologies and editor insights delivered biweekly to your inbox in a quick-read, digital format
  • Eucalyptus Newsletter - The Eucalyptus Newsletter is a practical, objective newsletter designed to bring fresh and valuable technical updates to its readers. It intends to show technologies, knowledge and information about the eucalyptus and its use, and includes the latest chapters from The Eucalyptus Online Book. (This newsletter is offered in cooperation with ABTCP.)

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