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Paper360° magazine is designed to keep you up to date on what’s happening around the industry, around the world. But sometimes we have more to talk about than we have space for in an issue. In this and coming issues, this page will describe unique “online exclusives”—stories and articles prepared by the editors of Paper360°— available only on our website.

Here’s what’s available now . . .

Young Professionals Topics for Success Vol. 2 - Leadership


Senior management administrators don’t often regard their younger colleagues as pioneering workers. Many young professionals face the challenge of overcoming the pre-conceived notions that imply they are simply immature college graduates without any real-world experience. The second installment of the Young Professionals Topics for Success is all about Leadership. Learn the definition of professional leadership and tips for presenting yourself as more than just a fledgling member of the company at

Safety First – The Top Ten OSHA Violations


Each year, OSHA records and publishes a list of the top ten most commonly cited safety standard violations. The majority of injuries and fatalities occurring on the workplace can be prevented with the proper information and safety education. The Pulp and Paper Safety Association is dedicated to meeting the challenge of bringing every worker – at every mill and every company – safely home. Visit for descriptions of the standards and information on what steps employers and employees can take to recognize and resolve these hazards.

Fighter Pilot is Keynote Speaker at PaperCon 2015


Afterburner, Inc. will present their Flawless ExecutionSM seminar at PaperCon 2015. Delivered by a “top gun” fighter pilot on the morning of April 20, this motivational presentation will focus on the critical need to have effective leadership skills. The lecture-style seminar is designed to equip corporate leaders with the latest strategy and alignment principles used by today’s top military planners and is guaranteed to be top-quality information not heard in any other forum. Learn more about Afterburner, Inc.’s Flawless ExecutionSM seminar at