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Paper360° magazine is designed to keep you up to date on what’s happening around the industry, around the world. But sometimes we have more to talk about than we have space for in an issue. In this and coming issues, this page will describe unique “online exclusives”—stories and articles prepared by the editors of Paper360°— available only on our website.

Here’s what’s available now . . .

Young Professionals Topics for Success Vol. 5 – Time Management


Allocating time effectively in order to maintain organization skills and an efficient schedule is a valuable skill. This installment of "Topics for Success" helps young professionals determine their strategy for effective time management. Visit for details.

Southworth looks to Nanocellulose to keep paper machines running

This year’s PaperCon conference was held in conjunction with TAPPI’s 100th Anniversary. In addition to the customary sessions, committee meetings and exhibition floor displays, the conference featured several proceedings and happenings that commemorated the centennial occasion. Visit to learn about the many special events that took place.

Innovation at the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory

The Forest Products Lab (FPL) in Madison, Wisconsin has been conducting research to support the pulp, paper and forest products industry for over 100 years. Leveraging the expertise and proximity of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, FPL is conducting research in both traditional and emerging markets for forest-based industries. Visit to learn more.