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Paper360° magazine is designed to keep you up to date on what’s happening around the industry, around the world. But sometimes we have more to talk about than we have space for in an issue. In this and coming issues, this page will describe unique “online exclusives”—stories and articles prepared by the editors of Paper360°— available only on our website.

Here’s what’s available now . . .

Cascades invests to reduce water consumption

The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers hosted their annual conference in March 2014. “Cascades used the occasion of World Water Day, to reiterate its objective to reduce water consumption. The company noted that it is committed to reducing its discharge of effluent to 10.6 cubic meters per metric ton of saleable product by 2015. This target has been set out in its 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan. Read More

Workshop planned re: Reuse of Process Effluents

The Agenda 2020 Reuse of Process Effluents team hosted a webinar in January, on technologies to enable reductions in fresh water consumption in pulping and papermaking. The team plans a workshop in the spring to develop a research roadmap for specific approaches. Read More 

Anaerobic reactor pays off for Saica

At its newly constructed mill in Partington, Great Britain, paper manufacturer Saica has chosen a wastewater treatment system with a Voith R2S reactor. According to Voith, installation of a modern wastewater treatment system is an investment that pays off for paper manufacturers as they operate reliably and securely within prescribed limit values and reduce the operating cost of wastewater treatment. Read More