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Two Western Michigan University students are gearing up for the 2014 Student Summit. This unique event brings students and their future employers together to interact and socialize. While at Student Summit, companies can interview students for internships and even full-time positions.

“School teaches you about the technology, Student Summit teaches you how to network and actually sit in an interview,” said Katie Stickles, a senior at Western Michigan State University.

With her sights set on becoming a process engineer, Stickles has a true passion for the forest products industry. Having already been offered multiple internships, Stickles is now setting her sights on a full-time position as a process engineer.

“A process engineer runs trails, looks at process maximization and tries to help save money,” said another student, Lexi Pierce, also of Western Michigan University.

Pierce, who is a junior, also plans to pursue a career as a process engineer and she hopes to change the paper image.

“Even within mills there is a misconception about where paper is going,” she said. “Paper is not dying, it is transforming.”

Both women have attended Student Summit in previous years and know the value it has for paper science students.

“I have had several interviews and offers at Student Summit,” Stickles said. “I really enjoyed the feedback on my interview skills.”

While Student Summit does focus on connecting students with potential employers, there are also technical sessions all students are encouraged to attend.

“The first year I went, I was getting used to what paper engineering was,” Pierce said. “This year I will be able to understand more of the program content.”

Not only do Pierce and Stickles attend Student Summit each year, they also attend the much larger PaperCon Conferences.

“PaperCon is not geared towards students,” Pierce said. “So there is a lot more networking to be done. The content is on a higher level and more focused on industry issues.”

If you are considering attending the 2014 Student Summit, please look for more information of their website.

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