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In TAPPI JOURNAL this month:
Topics this month include the influence of paper surface energy on multicolor offset print mottling, as well as web pressures in wound rolls. Wet end and paper property impacts from reduced pulp xylan content, plus development and production of multilayer curtain-coated linerboard at Ji’an, are also covered. Additional research examines trends in SO2 and NOX emissions from 1980-2010.

In the next TAPPI JOURNAL:
Next month, TJ will feature pulp manufacturing papers from the TAPPI PEERS conference. Topics will include brownstock washingcooking technologies for softwood kraft liner pulp, stoichiometric models for ClO2 brightening stages, the relationship between brightness and kappa number of softwood pulps treated with ClO2 delignification sequences, the contribution of pulp brightness and optical brightening agents to paper whiteness, and removal of inorganics inEucalyptus globulus kraft lignin.

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