An Innovation Journey in Tissue Making: A Fractionation System for Controlling Ash and Fines in Whitewater, PaperCon 2010 Conference

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Five years ago, an inventor with 25 years of tissue making experience began a new journey of innovation aimed at solving a problem many tissue makers don’t realize they have. He initially sought to recover the large quantities of lost fiber that tissue makers often accept as normal. However, he found that his green, self-cleaning “Fractionating Saveall™” technology might play an even more valuable role by giving tissuemakers new control over the ash and fines levels in whitewater for improved runnability and enhanced tissue properties, just as kidneys benefit the human body by selective removal of undesirable components in the blood stream. Results will be discussed from recent pilot plant trials and a US mill trial, along with insights on innovation in the paper industry and the “innovation fatigue” factors that must be overcome by researchers and companies for the industry to better reap the benefits of innovation. Several surprises from our experience about common mistakes in whitewater management will also be shared. The unit itself has been shown to have excellent potential in improving whitewater quality and tissue properties.

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Author: Joe McDonald; Don Guay, and Jeff Lindsay

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