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Are We Running Out of Trees?
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  • How is it possible to preserve forests and cut them down at the same time?
  • Examples of unsustainable and sustainable forestry practices
  • Forests: A closer look
  • Sustainability: Looking to the future
  • Test your sustainability ability

How are Corrugated Boxes Made?
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  • Do boxes come in boxes?
  • How many ways are there to build a box?
  • What's the first step in box building?
  • Who's who?  What's What?
  • Roll 'em
  • How does a board become a box?
  • Try building your own box

What's in a Tree?
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  • What's in a tree?
  • Why are trees important?
  • How do trees help our atmosphere?
  • How many of the world's trees are used to make paper?
  • How much of a harvested tree is actually used? Is there any waste?
  • Trees: A valuable and renewable natural resource.
  • Take a closer look!

Why Recycle?
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  • I've heard that the U.S. had plenty of trees. Why recycle?
  • Is recycling something new?
  • Why use wood at all? Why can't we make all the paper we need by recycling?
  • What's the difference between pre-consumer and post-consumer recovered paper?
  • Are there advantages to using recovered paper over using new fiber?
  • Recycling: A closer look.
  • Some interesting recycling statistics.
  • True or False
  How is Paper Recycled?
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  • How is paper recycled?
  • Step by step: The process of recycling
  • Can all of my recovered paper be recycled?
  • What happens to the ink once it is removed from the paper?
  • What can be made from recovered paper?
  • Can you recycle these scrambled words?

How Are Trees Grown for Paper?
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  • How are trees grown for paper?
  • Where do trees for making paper come from?
  • Will we run out of trees if we continue to cut them down for paper?
  • If "saving" trees isn't the issue, why do we want to recycle paper?
  • Why don't we just leave forests alone?
  • How do we use the wood from harvested trees?

How Much Paper Can Be Made from a Tree?
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  • How much paper can be made from a tree?
  • Wood fiber--where does it come from?
  • From fiber to pulp to paper
  • But in general. . .
  • Important forest facts
  • Can you find the hidden words?


These facts are presented by individual scientists, engineers, and researchers who work at universities, research laboratories, and companies across the country. They work at the science of papermaking every day -- researching and testing the facts. It is their full-time job to understand and report the facts concerning the nature of forest practices, the processes involved in papermaking, and how these affect the environment -- good and bad.

TAPPI is the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper, and converting industry. The Association provides a neutral forum for members to come together to share their technical knowledge and expertise in an effort to further advance professional achievement and sound technology.

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