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How is Paper Made?

Paper is all around us. But did you ever stop to think about how often you use it? Paper helps us communicate, illustrate, create and instruct.  It's in our books, calendars, newspapers, and paper towels.

Did you ever wonder how it is made? Click on How is Paper Made? and explore the world of modern papermaking.

Would you like to make your own paper at home? Check these out: Art Class: Making Paper by Hand and Paper Clips: Online Slide Show


The Amazing History of Paper!

Paper is such an important piece of our lives, but what do we really know about it? How, when, and where was it invented? Papermaking began in China back in 200 BC. Chinese papermakers used old chopped-up fishing nets, tree bark, and scraps of linen and hemp to make the world's very first paper.

For the full story, go to The Amazing History of Paper!

Also check these sources: Paper Clips: Online Slide Show and
The American Museum of Papermaking for more details on the history of paper.


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Paper Towels!

Can you imagine life without paper towels?

To perform some fun experiments with paper towels, check our Fun with Science section.

A book which may also be useful is called "Paper Towel Testing", by Cary I. Sneider and Jacqueline Barber. This 30-page paperback book contains many science experiments with paper towels. The ISBN is 0-912511-65-6, and it is published by Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California.  It is also available from NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) for about $10.00: 1-800-722-NSTA, or

For the history of paper towels, visit the Kimberly-Clark Corporation website.

For more statistical information on the paper industry, please check the website of the
American Forest and Paper Association.


Ideas and Instructions for Papier Mâché Projects!

For basic, step-by-step instructions on making papier mache, check out our Art Class section.

For Papier Mache Animals and Masks, try these sites:

Papier-mache Piñata:

Making a Piñata
(this is for a donkey piñata, but you could adapt it into a giraffe)

It's a Jungle in Here
(first grade class makes papier mache animal sculptures)

For Information on Making Your Papier Mache Project Weatherproof,  go to:


Common and Uncommon Paper Products

Check out this list of things that are made out of paper and pulp ingredients.


How Much Paper Can Be Made From a Tree?

This question is actually more complicated than you may think. There are many factors that influence the amount of paper that can be made from one tree. Find out more:

EarthAnswers: How Much Paper Can Be Made from a Tree?

EarthAnswers: Are We Running Out of Trees?


Origami - The Ancient Art of Paper Folding

Historians believe that origami originated in Japan in the late sixth or early seventh century, when papermaking was first introduced into Japan from China.

You can "Predict the Future" with our amazing origami fortune teller. Here are instructions, complete with photos, to show you how. Art Class: Origami Fortune Teller

For other origami creations, check these out:


The Hows and Whys of Recycling

In 1999, over 47.3 million tons of paper was recovered for recycling in the US. Ever wonder how all that scrap paper is recycled into new paper for us to use? To find out how and why paper is recycled, check out these: EarthAnswers - How is Paper Recycled? and EarthAnswers - Why Recycle?

Want to know the origin of the recycling symbol? Read all about it here.

Also, check out the website of the American Forest and Paper Association.


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