Papermaking Science and Technology Book Series

TAPPI currently partners with the Forest Products Engineers based in Finland. As part of our partnership, we offer the Papermaking Science and Technology book series featuring 20 volumes that cover the entire paper manufacturing process from wood raw material to end product. Books are available in print directly from TAPPI or as eBook licenses from Forest Products Engineers. 

This series is ideal to train employees at your company or as a reference guide for your experienced workforce.  The Papermaking Science and Technology series is also an excellent textbook resource for universities and colleges.   

Purchase the series 2 ways 

  1. Purchase the print version of the complete series directly from TAPPI.
  2. Purchase an eBook license from Forest Products Engineers, which provides unlimited access to the full series of e-books or individual volumes.E-book licenses are recommended for companies and universities to allow staff and students a means for easier searching; finding chapters through the table of contents, and now you have the ability to “bookmark” pages for future reference. 

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Individual Volumes

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Volume 1 Economics of the Pulp and Paper Industry 
Book editor: Magnus Diesen, M.Sc.(Tech.), Retired Executive Vice-President, Stora Enso Oyj

The aim of this volume is to provide a global perspective of the pulp and paper industry from a Nordic viewpoint, and to help the reader in:
  • obtaining information on forest industry raw material resources, markets and energy, as well as the worldwide structure and various strategies of the industry,
  • evaluating the economic consequences of decisions taken in a pulp or paper mill,
  • analysing and comparing the profitability and competitiveness of the pulp and paper industry in different countries, and
  • analysing alternative investments with different criteria and selecting the best alternative in a given situation. 


Volume 2 Forest Resources and Sustainable Management 
Book editor: Seppo Kellomäki, Dr., Professor, University of Joensuu

In brief, this textbook describes the main features of forests and forestry, including the production of timber and biomass and its delivery to the industry in the context of sustainability. The focus in this book is on forests and forestry in the boreal and temperate zones, particularly in the Nordic countries. The discussion also includes the global dimensions of forests and forestry to place local findings in a larger context whenever necessary.


Volume 3 Forest Products Chemistry 
Book editor: Per Stenius, Helsinki University of Technology

This book describes the basics of forest products chemistry with this whole chain in view. The book begins with an overview of the structure and chemical composition of wood, followed by a description of the basic chemical processes taking place during wood delignification.


Volume 4 Papermaking Chemistry
Book editor: Raimo Alén, Dr.Tech., Professor, University of Jyväskylä,

In general, this book is intended as a basic introduction to papermaking chemistry not only for students and teachers, but also for those working either in the laboratory as researchers or in production and planning. 


Volume 5 Mechanical Pulping
Book editor: Bruno Lönnberg, D.Sc. (Tech.), Professor emeritus, Åbo Akademi University

This book covers the basics and fundamentals of mechanical pulping including all the processes related to mechanical pulping. 


Volume 6 Chemical Pulping Part 1, Fibre Chemistry and Technology
Book editor: Pedro Fardim, D.Sc. (Chem.), Professor, Åbo Akademi University

This book will tell you, step by step, the research and technology behind the process of obtaining fibres from wood by chemical pulping.


Volume 6 Chemical Pulping Part 2, Recovery of Chemicals and Energy

Book editor: Panu Tikka, Professor, SciTech Service Oy Ltd, Espoo, Finland

The book covers kraft pulp mill technology from fibre line spent liquor — black liquor — to the recovered active cooking chemical — white liquor — and energy in the form of steam and electricity. The modern “megaton”- scale technologies of evaporation, recovery and bark boilers, re-causticising, lime re-burning and tall oil by-products are described in detail. 

Volume 7 Recycled Fibre and Deinking
Book editors: Ulrich Höke, Dr.-Ing., Managing Director of Stora Enso Sachsen Mill and Samuel Schabel, Prof. Dr.-Ing., TU Darmstadt

This book covers all aspects of recovered paper, including statistics, legal aspects and technology.


Volume 8 Papermaking Part 1, Stock Preparation and Wet End

Book editor: Hannu Paulapuro, D. Sc. (Tech.), Professor, Helsinki University of Technology

This book includes important new developments in stock preparation and wet end technology serving students’ study purposes well and working as a handbook and reference for mill engineers. Topics include: an overview and history of papermaking, slushing and defibration of pulp in the paper mill, forming, fabrics, and vacuum systems as well as air forming methods. 


Volume 9 Papermaking Part 2, Drying
Book editor: Markku Karlsson, D.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Vice President, Technology, UPM

This book presents an overview of the design and operations of the drying section of a modern paper machine. It covers drying of the paper web, runnability in the paper machine drying section, drying quality, drying automation and energy management in the drying section, as well as operations of important auxiliary systems, such as ventilation and heat recovery systems, steam and condensate systems and paper machine drives.


Volume 10 Papermaking Part 3, Finishing
Book editor: Rautiainen, Pentti, M.Sc. (Eng.), Senior Paper Technology Manager, Paper business line, Metso Paper, Inc.

This book covers the state of the art technologies in calendaring, reeling and winding, roll wrapping and handling and sheet finishing.


Volume 11 Pigment Coating and Surface Sizing of Paper
Book editor: Jouni Paltakari, D.Sc. (Tech.), Professor, Helsinki University of Technology

This book provides technical information on coating technology and machinery development and is intended to serve as a text and handbook for pigment coating and surface sizing technologies. 


Volume 12 Paper and Paperboard Converting 
Book editor: Jurkka Kuusipalo, Professor, Tampere University of Technology

This comprehensive textbook covers all aspects of paper and paperboard converting as well as provides a thorough introduction to the flexible packaging and corrugated converting industries.


Volume 13 Print Media - Principles, Processes and Quality
Book editors: Pirkko Oittinen, Ph.D., Professor and Hannu Saarelma, Ph.D., Professor Helsinki University of Technology

This book deals with the technologies of printing and print media. It focuses on principles of “humanware processes” in content creation and consumption and as “hardware” processes taking place in printing.


Volume 14 Process and Maintenance Management
Book editor: Kauko Leiviskä, D.Sc. (Tech.), Professor, University of Oulu

This book examines the status of and future views on the systems, methods and technology that are becoming essential in guiding process operation and maintenance, together with control and maintenance design. The emphasis is on management-level systems and on process and maintenance optimization. 


Volume 15 Materials, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance 
Book editors: Jari Aromaa, Helsinki University of Technology and Anja Klarin, ÅF-IPK AB

This book provides an overview of the methods of corrosion control, including the monitoring and maintenance that provide a starting point for solving corrosion problems.


Volume 16 Paper Physics
Book editor: Niskanen Kaarlo, Ph.D., President, KCL

This textbook deals with the structure and fundamental physical properties of paper and board. 


Volume 17 Pulp and Paper Testing
Book editors: Jan-Erik Levlin and Liva Söderhjelm

This book describes the testing and analytical procedures needed to describe the properties of:

  • Single fibers
  • The fiber collective in the form of fiber suspensions
  • The fiber collective in the form of the final network – the paper


Volume 18 Paper and Board Grades
Book editor: Hannu Paulapuro, D. Sc. (Tech.), Professor, Helsinki University of Technology

This examines paper and board grades in the international markets including:

  • Printing and writing papers
  • Paperboards
  • Tissue
  • Specialty papers. 


Volume 19 Environmental Management and Control 
Book editor: Dahl Olli, Dr.Tech., Professor, Helsinki University of Technology

The book provides detailed information on environmental issues related to pulp and paper mills and their associated processes, and is intended to help increase understanding of the factors affecting environmental load, including liquid effluents, air emissions and solid wastes.


Volume 20 Biorefining of Forest Resources
Book editor: Raimo Alén, Dr.Tech., Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Laboratory of Applied Chemistry

This book presents a reader-friendly, comprehensive approach to modern chemistry and technology of various wood(biomass)-utilizing processes.