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Wednesday 9/19 to Friday 09/21

Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee Meeting-Charleston, South Carolina, USA, open

As part of the TAPPI Nonwovens, Engineers, and Technologists (NET) Division, the Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee holds this annual meeting focused on education and networking.

Thursday 9/20 to Thursday 09/20

Moving Past Generational Differences-Webinar, open

On any given day, you may work with colleagues from as many as five different generations. Communication is key to working effectively, especially when working across multiple generations. But what other tools can help bridge generational gaps in the workplace? Featuring both new and veteran members of the workforce, this webinar will examine real world examples of fostering generational collaboration.

Monday 10/1 to Wednesday 10/3

ASPI Fall Meeting-Atlanta, Georgia, USA, open

ASPI Fall Meeting Atlanta, Georgia, USA open 2018-10-01 2018-10-03 Learn More Learn More

Tuesday 10/9 to Thursday 10/11

NPIRI Fall Technical Conference-St. Charles, Illinois, USA, open

The NPIRI Fall Technical Conference Program includes sessions focusing on Technical, Regulatory, and New Technology topics with presentations from leading industry companies. You’ll also get face-to-face professional networking and maximum educational and networking opportunities with minimal time commitment.

Wednesday 10/10 to Wednesday 10/10

Corona & Atmospheric Plasma 101-Hartland, WI, open

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of corona and plasma treatment, and what treatment system adjustments can be made to improve surface treatment and adhesion outcomes. Combining formal classroom training and hands-on experience, attendees will learn how to apply the latest surface treatment technologies to improve adhesion and product performance.

Tuesday 10/16 to Thursday 10/18

NCSU Financial & Strategic Analysis Workshop for Pulp and Paper - October 2018-NC State University, Raleigh, NC, open

A strategic and financial workshop tailored to the pulp and paper industry. October 16-18, 2018 at NC State University, Raleigh, NC

Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

This introductory course increases understanding of tissue performance properties and manufacturing. It is designed for participants who desire a comprehensive overview of the tissue manufacturing process and the effect of processes on product performance properties.

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Tissue 202: Converting Operations

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

This training explores the converting processes of rolled products and how the quality and variability of tissue parent jumbo reels and soft rolls impact the runnability of these complex lines.

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Materials and Spare Parts Management

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Improving how you manage the spare parts and materials in your organization reduces maintenance costs, time, and parts inventory. IDCON's Materials and Spare Parts Management training provide strategies to assist you in developing effective processes.