Member Groups


TAPPI serves the worldwide pulp, paper, and converting industry and through TAPPI, members can connect with thousands of people working in the global pulp, paper, and converting industry. Involvement in TAPPI opens the door to a world of flexible benefits and opportunities to create solutions through information sharing, knowledge development, and interaction with others. TAPPI offers a wealth of resources for the people of the pulp, paper, and converting industry including access to valuable information on the latest technological developments, opportunities for professional growth and development, and one-on-one information exchange opportunities.

TAPPIā€™s Technical Divisions target specific segments of this broad industry. Each Division and its corresponding Technical Committees work to share knowledge and provide solutions for the industry through a variety of products, services, and opportunities including publications, events, and online discussions.

TAPPI members can join any of nearly 80 different Technical Committees. Involvement in Technical Divisions and Committees gives TAPPI members the opportunity to meet and work with other members to share ideas and solve problems.

TAPPI's 15 Local Sections involve over 7500 members from almost every part of the United States. The sections, which are organized geographically, hold meetings, and sponsor mill tours, technical programs, and workshops tailored to the member needs. They allow professionals to focus on specific topics that may be unique to their respective geographical area, and develop a network of industry contacts.

TAPPI Local Sections sponsor 27 student chapters located on college campuses with curricula relevant to the paper and related industry. The chapters offer students an opportunity to meet their peers, interact with future employers and industry veterans, tour various facilities, and contribute to technical programs.