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Journal articles
Nanotechnology is Ready to Transform Our Industry", Paper360º September/October 2013

Nanotechnology is Ready to Transform Our Industry, Paper360º September/October 2013


Keynote Presentation: Technology in Forest Products•The Changing Global Context, 2009 International Conference on Nanotechnology for the Forest Products Industry

Journal articles
TAPPI JOURNAL Summaries, Paper360° July/August 2011

TAPPI JOURNAL Summaries, Paper360º July/August 2011

Journal articles
Over the Wire: AROUND the industry 14SEPPA10

Over the Wire, Paper360º September/October 2014

Science or Fiction

Are you ready for a digital future? It can help your mill optimize operations and give you flexibility in the ever-changing paper industry.

Attracting and Retaining Young Talent to be Discussed During Virtual Leadership Conference

How can we attract young talent and develop future leaders for the industry? Attend the Week Two sessions of TAPPI PIMA’s Innovation and Leadership Conference Series to find out.

Revolution: How the Changing Winds of Political, Societal and Digitalization Trends are Affecting Today’s Mills

Hear from mill insiders and industry professionals about today’s most hard-hitting topics and their effect on day-to-day operations.

Specialty Papers Europe (SPEU) Postponed but Some Presenter Highlights Available

Fisher Interview Highlights Specialty Papers Growth Opportunities

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