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Ilim Group to Increase Exports to China by 60% (10/04/18)

Ilim Group (Russia) reports this month (Oct. 2018) that their analysts forecast that global demand for virgin fiber will grow by more than 30 million tons by 2030, and the demand for virgin corrugated materials will grow by more than 10 million tons. Over the last several years, they've seen a strong focus on the environment and reduction of the environmental footprint.

Mohawk Fine Papers Announces ‘Make With Mohawk’ Campaign

The Make with Mohawk campaign is a multi-faceted on + offline activation made up of three parts: Make with Mohawk Print Sets, Make with Mohawk Printshop, and The Mohawk Show. This is an opportunity for designers to be recognized for their best work on Mohawk and be rewarded with Mohawk Maker Grants.

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