January 11, 2012  
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Print sways shoppers' choices, no matter the age

(Editor's Note: From the January 6, 2012, issue of Print in the Mix newsletter, a clearinghouse of research on print media effectiveness.

Contrary to the message often heard regarding print channels losing ground to digital as a means of influence, consumers say that it is print advertising that most influences their store and shopping choices.

A Nielsen survey of 11,000 U.S. adults examined marketing channels and their sway on consumers. According to Nielson's report, "The Evolution of Circulars: From Print to Digital, Q4 2011," across the board, shoppers state that the media sources they most rely on weekly are newspapers (69%), followed closely by direct mail (67%). The only electronic vehicle demonstrating equivalent reach was retailer e-mail (67%). Other digital channels' weekly influence lag by double-digits.

Interestingly, store choice for the youngest generation of shoppers [Millennials] was the most heavily influenced by print vehicles.

Direct mail (92%) and newspapers (91%) lead as most influential channels for the majority of the most tech-savvy generation.

Future Channel Preferences
When asking about the future, digital preferences saw a bump with more than 70% of shoppers expressing a desire for basic digital delivery of marketing materials (store website using computer or retailer e-mail) and approximately one-third sharing an interest in social media or smart phone apps. With this said, nearly 90% wish to continue receiving paper advertising at home or in-store, "suggesting a preference for multi-media information delivery that maximizes the number and nature of contact points for on-the-go consumers."

Source: Nielsen, The Evolution of Circulars: From Print to Digital, Q4 2011, accessed December 19, 2011.


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