July 23, 2014  
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Young Professionals get their own TAPPI division

Are you a young professional new to the pulp and paper industry? If so, here's a way to get a head start on the competition and become highly-involved in the industry by building valuable networks and gaining first-class knowledge directly relevant to your job?

TAPPI has established a new Young Professionals Division focused on providing a wide range of products, services and learning opportunities for TAPPI members who are soon-to-be college graduates, recent college graduates, and young professionals (YP) in the industry. Its purpose is to encourage younger individuals with fresh, creative, and driven minds, to get involved and advance within the industry.


The division will serve as a forum for career development and unite all areas within TAPPI to provide services and initiatives targeted at the Young Professional segment. It will feature networking and social events with other Young Professionals, Young Professional-geared technical tracks and sessions at TAPPI conferences, a useful and free mentoring program provided by accomplished professionals, and lower TAPPI yearly membership rates.


The Young Professional Division is steered by a YP Committee that meets monthly to discuss current projects and come up with ways to build a better YP community. Currently the committee is working on installing great YP tracks at TAPPI Events, heading a Young Professional Round Table at the Student Summit, incorporating networking events at all TAPPI Conferences, and reaching out and engaging newly graduated YP’s.

“The Young Professionals division will help connect the members of TAPPI and secure a bright future for the organization and the industry" noted Sarah Dawkins, YP Division Vice Chair, O’Neal Inc. Other Division leaders include: John VanderKolk, YP Division Chair, Kemira, and Abigail Cameron, YP Division Student Chapter Liaison, Western Michigan University.

If you are interested in getting involved with the committee, send an email to Libby Settle (lsettle@tappi.org) to find out ways you can share your strengths and innovations. There are current opportunities for event planning, public relations, marketing, and so much more.

“Young professionals are an essential part and the future of our industry and the association. The new Young Professionals Division will address their particular information needs and interests as well as reinforce their connection to TAPPI by providing this emerging group of professionals with the tools they need to advance their careers and industry knowledge,” notes Larry N. Montague, TAPPI President and CEO.

Notes Thomas J. Garland, TAPPI Chairman, “This new division will provide a conduit for new creative minds entering our industry to connect with the vast array of experience and resources available within TAPPI. Our goals, among others, are to help them get a faster, more impactful start to their careers and accelerate their contributions to the success of our industry.


  1. Opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the industry through hands-on training and experience via round table discussions and conference sessions.
  2. Availability of leadership opportunities through heading up new projects and taking positions on the committee.
  3. Access to mentors and resources can help you with your future career.
  4. Opportunity to experience professional areas other than what your job offers.
  5. Change to network with peers and industry professionals.


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