April 29, 2015  
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Latest NPTA Quarterly Paper Industry Economic Outlook Report Provides Insights on 2015 and Beyond

(Editorís note: Based on a March 10, 2015, news release from the National Paper Trade Association)

NPTA, the association for the paper distribution channel, recently released the winter 2015 Quarterly Paper Industry Economic Outlook Report which included macroeconomic data to specific product categories directly related to the paper, print and publishing industries.

The report, produced in partnership with Institute for Trend Research senior economists, provides members with projections for employment, economic growth, sales and consumer trends. The winter 2015 indicated that North American economic growth, particularly in the United States, where employment in the private sector is up 2.3 percent from one year ago and retail sales for December were very good.

Commercial Printing Production has transitioned into Phase C, Slower Growth. Annual Production is 2.3 percent above the year-ago level. Internal trends suggest slower growth will persist in the near term.

Periodical, Book and Other Publishers Production highlighted that annual Personal Consumption Expenditures of Books reached a record-high $38.3 billion in December, up 1.9 percent from last year. Quarterly Expenditures are accelerating, signaling Expenditures will continue to rise in the near term.

Quarterly Media Spending on Print Advertising is improving, signaling a transition into Phase A, Recovery, will develop soon. Expect the overall trajectory of Advertising to mildly decline over the next three years.

“This enhanced report provides our members with economic data specific to our industry allowing them to stay current on trends and helping them make informed business decisions,” said NPTA CEO, Kevin Gammonley. “The winter 2015 report detailed the business cycle and industry outlook for new areas including Commercial Print Production, Book, Periodicals, and other Publisher Production and Print Media Spending.”

For more information on the Quarterly Paper Economic Reports, visit www.goNPTA.com or contact Lauren Checea at: lchecea@gonpta.com.

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