July 15, 2015  
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Paper and Packaging Industry Launches "How Life Unfolds" Campaign

On July 8, 2015, the Paper & Packaging industry launched the "How Life Unfolds"™ consumer campaign with a $20M investment in paid and earned media between July and December. The cross-platform campaign is designed to help slow the decline in paper usage and grow demand for packaging.

The Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB), established as a checkoff program in 2014 by industry referendum, oversees this multimillion dollar campaign which uses an emotional, story-telling approach to generate consumer appreciation for paper and paper-based packaging.

The campaign, created by Milwaukee-based Cramer-Krasselt, integrates traditional media including 30-second commercials, print advertising showcasing paper and packaging items that comprise milestones big and small, and a digital presence in banner ads, video and the campaign’s information hub, www.howlifeunfolds.com. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The program is financed by U.S. manufacturers and importers from four industry sectors including printing and writing, kraft packaging paper, containerboard and paperboard.

“The paper and packaging industry is a $132 billion dollar industry,” says P+PB chairman John D. Williams, President and CEO of Domtar. “It is important that people know we have hi-tech jobs, sustainable practices and that we lead in manufacturing innovation. But the best way to talk directly to consumers about the unique attributes of products we make is to connect with them about the role these products play in their lives.”

This new "How Life Unfolds™" campaign (www.howlifeunfolds.com) from the manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging, highlights the important role paper and packaging play in our lives, helping us accomplish our goals at home, at school and in the workplace. Says Mary Anne Hansan, P+PB’s executive director, "The campaign highlights relatable moments that connect consumers to paper and packaging products in meaningful, emotionally relevant ways.”

The Paper and Packaging Board establishes and guides promotions designed to expand demand for paper and paper-based packaging products. Manufacturers and importers of these products participate in the Paper Checkoff, an industry-funded promotion program established by the USDA in 2014. www.paperandpackaging.org.

For more information contact Julie Ferris (jferris@c-k.com) or Joan Sahlgren (jsahlgren@paperandpackaging.org).

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