September 13, 2017  
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Survey Will Spark New Standards For Tissue and Towel

As the global population continues to expand, the tissue sector (along with packaging) has been a top performer among pulp and paper industry grades. Demand for tissue and towel products, in both the at-home and away-from-home markets, continues to grow. A report from paper industry intelligence provider Fisher International predicts that, by 2025, the global tissue industry will have more than 1000 newly-built tissue machines producing a wide variety of tissue and towel products.

How can tissue makers ensure that this new capacity is used to create products with the features that consumers value? How can they make sure that existing equipment performance is keeping pace? One key is to develop industry standards that can be used to define and measure manufacturing methods and product qualities.

TAPPI has a long history of developing industry standard methods for the pulp, paper and tissue industry. There are many committees and groups within TAPPI that develop and maintain TAPPI Standards and TIPs for the industry.

TAPPI’s Tissue Properties Subcommittee is a group of tissue manufacturers and suppliers that are interested in developing more standards to improve the manufacture and consumer desirability of tissue and towel products. Companies represented include Procter & Gamble, Georgia-Pacific, Cascades, Atlas Tissue, Kimberly-Clark, Kruger Products, SCA plus suppliers of chemicals and instruments. These experts work together in an antitrust-governed environment, to discuss current and new standards for tissue and towel products.

With the growth in the tissue sector, the Tissue Properties Subcommittee has created a survey (see web address below) to better understand the methods that manufactures are currently using, as well as new methods that manufacturers would like to see standardized. This survey asks about how softness, wet strength, dispersion, and several other properties are measured.

“I am really excited about seeing the results from this survey,” notes David Loebker, Procter & Gamble, who serves as chair of the Tissue Properties Subcommittee. “Our subcommittee worked over several weeks to develop the questions to gather the information we need. With the results from this survey, we plan to work on developing and standardized more methods.”

“We need as many tissue manufacturers as possible to complete this survey,” commented Jessica Carette of Cascades, vice chair for the Tissue Properties Subcommittee. “The subcommittee wants to be sure they are focusing on the most important areas, and we need industry feedback to establish the right priorities.”

New Tissue Event Garners Industry Interest

Designed to bring together professionals from every aspect of the tissue industry, the brand-new TISSUE 2017 event will be held October 3-6 in Miami, FL. It is the only comprehensive tissue event being offered in North America this year.

This first-of-its-kind conference combines actionable intelligence from industry-leading RISI with peer-reviewed technical content from internationally respected TAPPI. Focused on providing attendees with the tools and information needed to successfully meet today’s manufacturing challenges, TISSUE 2017 features a sold-out exhibit floor and a complete program of technical sessions.

Respected RISI economists will be on hand to provide unbiased information on fiber markets and tissue demand. TAPPI’s peer-reviewed technical content will focus on water usage, flushability, and new converting technologies from the industry’s foremost experts in each area. Other program highlights include a regulatory update for tissue manufacturers, a Tissue Technology Forum and Poster Session, and Consumer Insights panels.

TISSUE 2017 will be held at the Eden Roc Miami Beach, and special rates are available for conference attendees. Visit for complete program and online registration—including reduced group rates for three or more attendees from the same company. See you in Miami!

How to participate
It’s easy for tissue manufacturers to participate by accessing a simple online interface. The survey has a total of 21 questions, and provides an excellent opportunity to manufacturers who want to help influence the new standards.

All responses to the survey are anonymous and will be kept confidential. Survey participants may request a copy of the results, and their contact information will be kept confidential. A short summary of the survey results will be made available.

Readers are invited to forward and share the link to those within their organizations that can best complete this survey. For ease in sharing, the following web address can be copied and pasted:

Current TAPPI Tissue Stand

TAPPI has three existing standards that address the thickness and strength of tissue products:
• Dry tensile properties of paper towel and tissue products (using constant rate of elongation apparatus), T 581
• Thickness (caliper) of towel, tissue, napkin and facial products, T 580
• Tensile breaking strength of water-saturated paper and paperboard (“wet tensile strength”), T 456

TAPPI TIPs (Technical Information Papers) are best practices and guidance documents that are developed by experts. TAPPI TIPs related to tissue include:
• Inspection guidelines for Yankee hood systems, 0425-02
• Pilot paper and wet laid nonwoven machines, 0502-1
• Yankee dryer steam condensing rates, 0404-49
• Design, monitoring and maintenance guidelines for Yankee dryer bearings, 0425-03

For additional information about TAPPI or the Tissue Properties Subcommittee, or about the TAPPI Survey on Tissue and Towel Methods, please feel free to contact Colleen Walker at or 770-209-7349.

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