March 7, 2018  
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TAPPI Reaccredited as ANSI Standards Developer

TAPPI has again been reaccredited as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Developer. ANSI is the United States’ representative to the International Standards Organization (ISO). As an ANSI Standards Developer, TAPPI Standards can become American National Standards, which can, in turn, be elevated to ISO Standards. 

TAPPI initially became an ANSI accredited Standards Developer in 2009 and completed its first audit in 2012. For the current audit period, which began in June of 2017, five standards were audited and the association’s Standards Guidelines were rigorously reviewed. The initial audit report contained several recommended changes to procedures that were made with guidance from and approval by the Quality & Standards Management Committee (QSMC), which oversees the TAPPI Standards and TIPs programs.

The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Standards
Since its founding in 1915, TAPPI has operated under the philosophy that establishing technical standards helps an industry grow and thrive. The association now offers Standards, Test Methods, and Technical Information Papers as part of its mission to foster knowledge-sharing that helps professionals build their careers, and helps companies drive toward innovation and sustainability.

TAPPI Standards are developed through the consensus of a technical working group acting in accordance with the procedures described in our guidelines. TAPPI publishes four types of TAPPI Standards:

  • Test methods
  • Specifications
  • Guidelines
  • Glossaries

It’s important to note that TAPPI does not engage in activities or publish Standards that could lead to standardization of products or services in ways that would reduce competition, impede the development of improvements to those products or services, or would result in a stabilization of costs for those products or services.

TAPPI Test Methods are testing procedures. TAPPI uses six different categories for Test Methods: Official Method, Provisional Method, Standard Practice, Classical Method, Withdrawn Method, and Useful Method (UM). 

TAPPI Technical Information Papers (TIPs) are documents containing specialized information (e.g., data, software, calculations) used in the manufacture, evaluation and description of pulp, paper, and related products, written in a standardized format which is readily useable by the industry. TIPs may contain testing procedures or methods used to evaluate equipment but do not contain pulp and paper testing procedures or test methods.

TAPPI Standards and TIPs are written and reviewed by volunteers from nearly every TAPPI Division. TAPPI has 250 Standards and 303 TIPs, with more being developed on a regular basis. “TAPPI volunteers are passionate about these products, and the value that they provide to the industry,” says Colleen Walker, TAPPI technical director.

Growth Through Involvement
Volunteering for a TAPPI Standards Committee is great way to support the industry—but it is also much more. By interacting with other professionals who share their area of expertise, Standards Committee members grow their own knowledge while establishing valuable professional networks.

Several Product & Product Quality Division committees are in need of new members to support the development and maintenance of standards we all use in the manufacture of the products we deliver to our customers. These committees discuss and make decisions on critical issues that deal with standards which are currently being used by the pulp and paper industry, as well as those which are being developed for them.  

Below are the committees in need of volunteers:

  • Pulp and Chemical Properties Committee
  • Optical Properties Committee
  • Physical Properties Committee
  • Tissue Properties Subcommittee

Joining one or more of these groups gives volunteers and their companies the opportunity to participate in the discussion and development of the standards used for evaluating products and product quality. Without good pulp and paper industry standards, manufacturing companies are not able to deliver what customers require. 

Industry professionals are urged to consider volunteering support for these committees. Meetings are held twice a year to discuss ongoing committee work. The meetings can be attended in person or by phone conference. 

To learn how volunteering can help your company, and your career, please contact Steve Berg, P&PQ Division Chairman ( or Laurence Womack, Director of Standards and Awards ( for more information.

Propose a New Standard or TIP
Do YOU have just a general idea for a standard, or are you farther along and have a substantial draft? TAPPI Standards offer a way to contribute in a meaningful way to the standards that guide our industry.
If you just have a general idea for a standard or TIP, visit and complete the New Idea Submission Form. TAPPI will review your idea and identify an appropriate committee or group to work on your suggestion.

If you are further along in your idea, send an initial draft to From there, the TAPPI Standards Manager will guide you through the appropriate process to finalize and approve the new document. 

For information on Standards and TIPs, as well as how to become involved in the development process, contact

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