Time Management: Smart Techniques That Help to be More Efficient

Speaker: Maja Mejsner, PMP – Paper Machinery Producer

Description: Time is money – we all know that. We cannot stop time however we can manage it. If you take a week there are (7) days, (168) hours, (10 080) minutes, (604 800) seconds – that’s a lot. The question is how to use time efficiently to, on the one hand meet your objectives, and, on the other not to be exhausted at the end of the process? The idea of a webinar it to discuss basics of time management at work of a manager. We are going to discuss people’s attitude to time, our habits and stereotypes connected with daily routines. If somebody says: “I don’t have time!” maybe it means “it is not my priority”. We are going to briefly talk about technics how to work more effectively including among others, business travels, e-mail management & meetings . If you are interested to learn what OATS method is, how different cultures approach time and how to be more conscious before you start planning your next project feel free to join me. My personal goal is to keep a life balance – the only way is to appreciate time I have and act smarter rather than harder.