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Tuesday 08/11/2020 to Wednesday 08/12/2020

Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course-Peachtree Corners (Metro Atlanta) GA, USA, open

This introductory to intermediate-level course will help you expand your overall understanding of kraft pulp mill operations and broaden your awareness of how one part of the process affects other operations. With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to troubleshoot quality problems and feel more confident in your interactions among process engineers and operators.
Tuesday 08/11/2020 to Thursday 08/13/2020

WMU Fiber Recycling Course-Kalamazoo, Michigan USA, open

TAPPI is pleased to partner with Western Michigan University (WMU) to deliver training that will help you broaden and update your knowledge and understanding of the basics of recycled fiber collection, processing, use and market drivers. This is a 2.5-day course takes place in Kalamazoo Michigan on WMU's Engineering Campus. This training is designed for the newcomer to the paper recycling industry, as well as those with experience.
Sunday 09/13/2020 to Tuesday 09/17/2019

SuperCorr 2020-Orlando, FL, United States, open

More SuperCorrExpo event details to come.
Monday 09/28/2020 to Friday 10/02/2020

NETInc 2020-Atlanta, GA, open

NETInc is the only nonwovens technical conference developed by engineers and technologists to help you understand the science and how it impacts the market. Nonwovens professionals from around the world attend NETInc each year to learn more about the latest trends, issues and innovations affecting the industry.
Monday 09/28/2020 to Friday 10/02/2020

TissueCon 2020 -Atlanta, Georgia, open

Monday 10/05/2020 to Wednesday 10/07/2020

BLRBAC Fall Meeting-Atlanta, Georgia, open

Monday 10/05/2020 to Friday 10/09/2020

Hands-On Workshop for Pulp and Paper Basics -North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, open

Co-sponsored by North Carolina State University and TAPPI
Wednesday 10/28/2020 to Friday 10/30/2020

ASPI Fall Customer Alignment Meeting-Memphis, Tennessee, open

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Kraft Recovery Operations Course

Monday, January 13, 2020

One of TAPPI's highest rated, longest running events! You'll learn ways to improve pulp production efficiency, minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact. This course is designed for pulp mill operations personnel.
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Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course

Monday, January 13, 2020

This training event is among the highest rated of all TAPPI courses! Offers introductory- and intermediate-level content covering technology, including “what” happens, and “why” things happen. This course provides the foundation for learning advanced topics more quickly. Learn from one of the most well-known and enthusiastic instructors, Dr. Michael Kocurek.
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2020 IDCON Planning & Scheduling Course

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

This two-day course offered through the TAPPI partnership with IDCON teaches you best practices in work management planning and scheduling from job responsibilities to how to prepare work orders that support reliability and efficiency.
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