Power of spectroscopy for chemical recovery & stickies monitoring Webinar

Power of spectroscopy for chemical recovery & stickies monitoring Webinar

Virtual Webinar
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 to Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sponsored by Keit Spectrometers

11AM - 12PM (ET)

Spectroscopy has the power to directly observe chemicals present in a sample. Monitoring chemical concentrations from on-line analysis is recognized as having the potential for significant impact on a range of pulp & paper processes; for example, improving chemical recovery efficiencies, or enabling real-time stickies monitoring. However, not all spectroscopies are the same. The most robust techniques – such as NIR – can be used on-line but tend to have low information levels. The more informative – such as FTIR – are unfortunately more fragile and need to be lab based inhibiting the ability for real-time measurements. A third option, the IRmadillo on-line FTIR, crosses the robustness of NIR with lab-based performance of an FTIR.

Here we’ll talk about the power behind spectroscopy, what makes each method different, the chemistry involved with monitoring reduction efficiency and stickie formation and efforts to analyze them on-line. More importantly, you’ll learn

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the current top challenges with capturing on-line chemical concentration analysis in pulp and paper manufacturing
  2. Describe the fundamentals of spectroscopy to enable process optimization in pulp and paper manufacturing
  3. Distinguish strengths and weaknesses of near-infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies as in-process analytical techniques
  4. Examine the basic chemistry involved in monitoring reduction efficiency and stickies formation
  5. Assess how the IRmadillo and on-line spectroscopy can address analytical issues with real-time information for improved chemical recovery, monitoring the formation of stickies and overall process optimization

Which TAPPI Divisions and Committees should attend the webinar?

  • Engineering
  • Independent Technical Committees
  • Paper and Board
  • Process & Product Quality
  • Process Control
  • Pulp Manufacture

Audience (Who Should Attend): 

Pulp and Paper Mill

  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Process Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Process Improvement Engineer
  • Process Development Engineer
  • Director/Manager Operational Excellence
  • Director/Manager Process Excellence
  • VP/Dir Operations

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Sponsored by: Keit Spectrometers

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Dr. Jonathon Speed

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Keit Spectrometers
[email protected]

Dr Jonathon Speed CChem is the Product and Applications Manager at Keit Spectrometers. Receiving both his Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Southampton, UK, Dr Speed has authored multiple publications in the field of vibrational spectroscopy for professional organisations including the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the American Chemical Society (ACS). His areas of expertise include nanotechnology, spectroscopy and the use of chemometrics to monitor and control industrial processes. He has published eight patents in the field of surface science. His most recent experience is in the use of FTIR spectroscopy to improve efficiency and safety for a range of industrial applications such as: pulp and paper manufacturing, fermentation, metals refining and fats & oils refining.

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Sponsored by: Keit Spectrometers

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