Advanced Inline TDS Measurement Technology for Brown Stock Washing Optimization with Advanced Process Control Webinar

Advanced Inline TDS Measurement Technology for Brown Stock Washing Optimization with Advanced Process Control Webinar

Virtual Webinar
Tuesday, April 04, 2023 to Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Sponsored by Vaisala

11AM - 12PM (ET)

Advanced digital in-line TDS measurement technology together with advanced process control systems can be used to improve brown stock washing process efficiency. Energy, raw materials, chemicals and water consumption reduction and renewable energy use efficiency is playing important role in pulp mill efficiency now and even more in the future.

Brown stock washing efficiency improvement and evaporation weak black liquor solids% increase yields immediate savings for the mill. Remarkable savings in bleaching chemicals and waste water treatment can be achieved also together with pulp quality and brightness increase. Better washing solids% control can remove some bottlenecks in process and improve bleaching and recovery efficiency also.

Unique digital in-line black liquor TDS analyzer uses advanced fiber optics CCD-camera optical image analysing technology. The measurement is completely digital, there are no trim pots, signal errors, analog communication or calibration drift.  This results in unique accuracy, stability and reliability in measurement signal in difficult process conditions. The digital optical image reflecting from process can be seen from the indicating transmitter large LCD graphics display and is used for measurement multi-diagnostic information.

Air bubbles, fibers, suspended particles, consistency changes, crystals or colour changes do not affect to advanced patented digital optical image analysis. Because of digital measurement principle no drift in measurement and no recalibration or other adjustments needed over the years in use. An automatic prism wash system with steam, condensate or water can be used to clean sensor if any need in process conditions arise. Typically pulp stock in-line solids% measurements are self-clean.

Black liquor TDS are measured in digester blow line 10-15%ds, digester flush liquor and incoming wash filtrate lines. Another typical in-line TDS measurement locations are in diffuser, pressure or DD-washer feed and outlet 10-15%ds lines in pulp stock consistencies from 5-15%cs. Bleaching plant and oxygen stage feed solids 0-2%ds and filtrates 0-1%ds another common measurement and control optimization location.

Field results and success in several different pulp mills in Scandinavia and North America has proved performance of this unique digital solids% analyser technology in demanding brown stock washing process conditions also. Vaisala K-Patents digital in-line TDS measurement technology have also been successfully used in many other applications in heavy-, strong-, feed- and weak black liquor feed to evaporators, concentrators and recovery boiler firing as well as in dissolving tank green liquor and causticizing control optimisation.

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Keijo Pyörälä and Rick Van Fleet

KeijoPyorala.jpgKeijo Pyörälä has been working at Vaisala (K-Patents) Liquid Measurements over 25 years in different positions from Product Management to Regional Sales Management and Global Business Development. Keijo has Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Technology and Executive Education from Aalto University. He has been involved in number of global product and business development projects in different industry segments from pulp & paper, food & beverages, sugar & sweeteners, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, chemical & polymer, metals & mining, oil & gas and biofuel processing. His specialty is process optimization with in-line process measurements, process efficiency and energy savings as well as quality improvement projects. Outside of work he enjoys playing golf and different outdoor activities with family and friends.

rick van fleet.jpgRick Van Fleet is working at Andritz Process Optimization as Global APC Owner and has been developing new advanced process control solutions for fiberline optimizations over twenty years. Prior joining Andritz he has been a Fiberline Business Development Manager at BTG Americas, Inc. specializing in Pulping Process Control and over twenty years with Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ holding several titles including Product Manager, Global Strategic Marketing Solutions Leader- Pulping Honeywell Process Solutions. He has conducted studies and implemented pulping process control projects in 20+ countries; and his specialties include process analysis, economic projections, justification of automation systems, managing change with operators. Rick began his career as Bleach Plant Process Engineer for Great Lakes Forest Products in Dryden, Ontario in 1983 after receiving his B.S in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Currently he is located in Atlanta, GA.

Brown stock washing total dissolved solids in-line TDS measurement is essential tool to optimize kraft pulping process efficiency. New measurement technology have been developed in past few years and Vaisala K-Patents in-line TDS measurement technology can be now used to optimize fiberline washing, cooking and delignification operations with new advanced process control solutions. Andritz Process Optimization offers solutions which works in close cooperation between automation experts and business areas with a concentration of process knowledge that creates significant advantages and solutions for pulp mills efficiency. Andritz Process Optiimzation focus on automation solutions to continually improve pulping processes, making them more efficient and profitable. In webinar some new development done is presented to optimize fiberline brown stock washing process with advanced process control and economic Optimized DF functionality.

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