Approach Flow Screening - Impact on Capacity, Stock Cleanliness, Fiber & Energy Savings and PM Runnability Webinar

Approach Flow Screening - Impact on Capacity, Stock Cleanliness, Fiber & Energy Savings and PM Runnability Webinar

Virtual Event
Wednesday, March 29, 2023 to Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Paper and Board, Corrugated, and Nonwoven Webinar

12PM - 1PM (ET)

Plastic, glass, metal, gravel, sticky particles, and more are all common impurities that can be found in the paper stock of a mill. If not removed, impurities and contaminants can damage equipment while also reducing the overall stock quality in a mill.

A non-optimized approach flow screening can disturb runnability of paper, board, and tissue machine and increase fiber losses & energy consumption.

In this webinar the Valmet screening specialist Evandro Zacharias will explore the important design features for the machine screens and the interaction of the patented rotor and foil designs and how it ensures the risk-free operation of paper, board and tissue machines, energy savings and high capacity.

The customized approach flow screening can assure fiber savings and stock cleanliness to achieve enhanced paper quality with screening.

Evandro Zacharias

Valmet Screening Specialist

Evandro Zacharias Received his Bachelor of ControlEvandroZacharias_photo.jpg Automation Engineering at Paulista University, and his Masters of Pulp and Paper Technology at Vicosa University in Brasil. Currently he is the Produvt Sales Manager in the Stock Preparation and Recycled Fiber Business Unit with Valmet. Evandro has over 15 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry. Specializing in process equipment, he has vast technical, product, and process knowledge in screening. Throughout his career Evandro has served as Sales Engineer, Global Product Manager and Product Sales Manager and had based in Brazil, Finland and in the US since September 2022.

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