Assessing and Improving Paper Machine Clothing Webinar

Assessing and Improving Paper Machine Clothing Webinar

Conference Call and Presentation
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to Wednesday, January 22, 2020

About the Webinar

Many papermakers have a love-hate relationship with their, sometimes elusive, Paper Machine Clothing. This webinar gives the papermaker hands-on tips and tricks to increase the machines bottom-line through better performing felts and fabrics.

This webinar covers 2 topics: first it gives quick fixes for some common PMC related problems, so that the machine is up and running again in no-time. For a more structural improvement, the second topic, you will learn which data to monitor – no extra headcount needed! – and how to support your suppliers to come with continuously better felts and fabrics for your machine.


   Presenter: Marcel Lensvelt





CEO and Founder @Feltest Equipment BV
Marcel Lensvelt (50) is founder and CEO of Feltest, a company that focusses on improving the performance of Paper Machine Clothing to the benefit of papermakers. His major responsibilities within Feltest are the long-term strategy and product development. Marcel has degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration. He quickly ended up in the Paper Industry and never left… He started his career as a sales & service agent for two major PMC companies for about 12½ years, but he got more and more frustrated with the poor quality and usability of the available measuring instruments. Since 2008 he is continuously working on new products that are aiming to drive innovation in the Paper and the Machine Clothing Industry.

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