Moving Forward: Preventing Continuous Digesters Failures Through Inspection Best Practices Webinar

Moving Forward: Preventing Continuous Digesters Failures Through Inspection Best Practices Webinar

Virtual Event
Wednesday, September 06, 2023 to Wednesday, September 06, 2023

12PM - 1:30PM

The presentation will discuss the typical experience with continuous digester inspections, inspection methods and damage mechanisms, non-ideal situations that occur during outages, and best practices for inspections. We will likely end with a discussion on optimal inspection practices, specifically discussing surface preparation techniques. 

Who Should Attend?

Job Titles

  • Outage Planner
  • Plant Engineer
  • Inspection Supervisor
  • Field Engineer 


  • Paper Mill 
  • Inspection

Catherine A. Noble, P.E. 

Catherine Noble is a Principal Engineer with Acuren Inspection. She has been with the Engineering group in Austin, TX (formerly M&M Engineering) for over 14 years conducting failure analyses and on-site equipment inspections in several different industry sectors, including utilities, pulp & paper, manufacturing, and other commercial industries.  Her inspection work has included pressure vessels such as both batch and continuous digesters and deaerators, boilers (recovery and power), and HEP (steam piping).  She was the chair or vice-chair of the AMPP/NACE Pulp & Paper committee and symposium from 2013 – 2022 and has been a member since 2010.  She has also been a TAPPI member since 2018.  Prior to working at Acuren, she was a research scientist at a polymer & composite research company in Austin, as well as a failure analyst/researcher at an aerosol can manufacturer in Chicago.  Ms. Noble is a Professional Engineer registered in the states of Texas, Washington, Oregon, and Kentucky, and currently resides in Bellevue, WA.  She earned her B.S. from Rice and her M.S. from Northwestern, both in Materials Science & Engineering. 

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