Fibers for Nonwovens Applications

Conference Call and Presentation
Friday, January 10, 2020 to Friday, January 10, 2020

Presenter: Brian George (Associate Professor, Engineer @Director of Graduate Engineering Programs School of Design & Engineering Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson U))

About the Webinar

There are a wide variety of fibers that can be used in nonwovens applications. Fibers differ in their moisture absorption, chemical reactivity, cost, and temperature resistance, among other things. This seminar will discuss many of the fibers used in nonwoven fabrics, their properties, some of their applications, and some of the methods used to make them into nonwoven fabrics. This course is designed for the beginner or those who want to know more about fibers used in nonwovens, and at the end of the course attendees will be familiar with fibers used in nonwovens and other textile industries, some of the terminology used to describe fibers, and some of the important properties of these fibers.



   Presenter: Brian George







Associate Professor, Engineer @Director of Graduate Engineering Programs School of Design & Engineering Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson U

Brian George has a BS in Textile Science and a PhD in Fiber & Polymer Science, both from NC State University. He has been at Philadelphia University, now Thomas Jefferson University since 1999 where he has taught a variety of classes in nonwovens, testing of textiles, other aspects of textile production and characterization, and materials science. His research has focused mostly on nonwovens and the use of non-traditional materials in textile applications.

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