Monadnock Introduces Performance Label

Monadnock Performance Label is a beautifully crafted line of durable, moisture-resistant paper labels purpose-engineered to withstand the rigors of the production, transportation, and storage processes in the beverage bottle life cycle.

Monadnock (Bennington, N.H., USA) crafted the Performance Label line with an eye toward the specific needs of the premium craft beverage industry. The mission was to optimize the label substrates for printability and ensure a long lifespan throughout the supply chain. Monadnock’s wet strength label stocks are proven to withstand printing, post-press, bottling, transport, merchandising, and long-term immersion in ice buckets and coolers. The attention to detail and commitment to sustainable packaging makes Monadnock's new product type, as it describes, the "perfect partner" for gourmet and premium brands looking to separate their products from the competition.

The company said that it understands that a pristine brand image speaks volumes to the quality of what’s inside the bottle, so we strive to deliver the most beautiful, functional, and environmentally sustainable labels on the market.

It’s with this goal in mind that engineers crafted a label line that could deliver a superior tactile feel and an eye-catching foundation for the printing, embossing, and foil stamping techniques used by today’s beverage brands.

Over the years, Monadnock has succeeded by leaning into eco-conscious innovation; the Performance Label continues that tradition. The range of premium stocks is comprised of virgin wood fiber, post-consumer-waste fiber, cotton fiber and Kona® fiber sourced from reclaimed coffee bean bags.

Additionally, the Forest Stewardship Council logo that marks the performance label product line demonstrates that Monadnock supports the responsible use of forest resources. These stocks are also made carbon neutral (Verified Emission Reductions) using clean, renewable wind-powered electricity (Renewable Energy Certificates) certified by Green-e®, a trusted global leader in clean energy certification.