Now Available from TAPPI Press: Black Liquor Evaporation

Black Liquor Evaporation is the first comprehensive book to deal solely with the topic of black liquor evaporation and is the first on this topic to be published by TAPPI Press. As a practical reference for engineers and operators involved with black liquor evaporator operations and troubleshooting, it also serves as a knowledge resource for process-related aspects of evaporator design.

Edited by Jim Frederick and Niko DeMartini, it brings together knowledge and data on key areas in evaporation including design principles for evaporation equipment, relevant flow and heat transfer behavior in two-phase flow, black liquor properties relevant to flow and heat transfer in evaporators, and auxiliary processes (tall oil soap recovery, fiber removal, condensate segregation, foul condensate stripping, MeOH purification, and NCG collection and incineration). It also covers evaporator scaling and projected needs for future developments in evaporation technology.

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