TAPPI Journal Goes Open Access in 2020

TAPPI Journal’s (TJ) current publishing model requires that you must be a TAPPI member to access TJ research papers. If you are not a member, you purchase the individual articles.

Beginning in 2020, the new TJ Hybrid-Open Access (OA) publishing model gives TAPPI members exclusive access to the latest year’s research for free, while non-members pay a fee for articles as before. The difference is that at the one-year anniversary of an article’s publication, nonmembers gain access to the research. Nonmembers also have access to the TJ digital archive, which goes back to 1992.

Many research studies have indicated OA articles receive a significant advantage in terms of the number of citations they receive. More citations serve to improve the visibility of the science, as well as the reputation of a journal. The OA format will also be able to better help researchers meet their funding and grant application requirements. As in the past, the copyright remains with the author, and unlike other technical journals, TAPPI Journal does not require a publication fee.

Prospective authors and speakers who present scientific papers at TAPPI conferences are encouraged to submit their research for peer review now and publication in 2020 to take full advantage of these exciting changes for TJ! And, if that weren’t enough, your paper could win the $2,000 Honghi Tran TAPPI Journal Best Paper Prize presented at PaperCon. Submit your abstract today.