Learn the engineering, physics and chemistry principles of kraft recovery.

Reserve your seat now for the TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Course taking place January 13-16 in St. Petersburg, FL. This course is often fills a large conference room space, so get your registration in as soon as possible.

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This four-day course is a comprehensive review of key recovery operations in kraft pulp mills that help improve pulp production efficiency, minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact. You will learn the chemistry, physics and engineering principles related to kraft recovery directly from leading experts from around the world.

The Kraft Recovery faculty of internationally recognized experts will provide practical day-to-day information in traditional workshop and team-based training exercises. Course topics are designed to help you acheive these Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the kraft recovery process
  • Describe the black liquor evaporator operation and list ways to improve it
  • Identify causes and solutions for recausticizing problems
  • Describe lime returning principles and devise a means to improve kiln performance
  • Identify causes and solutions for recovery boiler problems
  • List the main causes of corrosion in recovery boilers and ways to minimize them

This course is co-located with the TAPPI Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course to offer attendees of both events the best networking opportunities possible.

We’ll see you in St. Petersburg, Florida in January!