Top 5 Reasons Why Advanced Bonding Corrugated Training is Essential

Investing time in attending face-to-face training classes and seminars, such as the TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course, is an unparalleled opportunity to expand workforce knowledge beyond the essentials for developing high-performing bonds, particularly advantageous for corrugators, waste champions, quality assurance managers, supervisors and superintendents, machine operators, wet-end operators, and training managers.

 1.  The Bond is Everything.

As a corrugated professional, the quality and performance of the adhesive bond is key. In today’s marketplace, quality is what separates the successful organizations from everyone else. Ensuring that product bond is of the highest quality standards will propel performance to that next level.

 2.  Knowledge in the Details.

Today’s substrates are much more diverse and require more operational advancement. Sending the operations team to an advanced training course to learn the latest in substrate bonding capabilities may increase potential revenue stream.

3.   Expertise is Vital.

The subject-matter experts at the TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course work with bonding processes on a daily basis and understand the need to allow ample time for questions. 

4.  Interactivity Fuels Training.

The TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course uses a collaborative and engaging platform called Poll Everywhere, providing attendees the opportunity to answer real-time questions through the use of their phone, tablet, or computer. Additional activities include hands-on warp and defect board sessions where attendees work with an actual soak tank.

5.   What’s In It for Me? The Takeaways are Essential.
For example, attendees of the TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course will be able to:

  • Identify and list variable that impact bond quality
  • Explain why glue line width for each flute impacts bond quality
  • Perform a center rip bond test and analyze results
  • List all factors that determine starch placement of flute tip
  • Increase process troubleshooting skills
  • Explain how to maximize double-backer heat settings for proper moisture control and board quality
  • Acquire 17 Professional Development Hours, or 1.7 CEUs for completing this course

Register now and take your organization to that next level at the TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course located at TAPPI Headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Georgia on July 31 – August 1, 2019. For more information, visit https://WWW.TAPPI.ORG/ADVBOND.